Building an Adaptive and Secure SD-WAN Framework

 With the cloud as the sales entrance, the traffic is drawn to its own backbone network through CPE, and then its own network is built into its own cloud. This is the form that several public cloud giants have portrayed for the cloud network.

  The above describes the networking architecture around the private cloud private backbone network. It is mentioned that this usually means its own networked cloud. The cloud serves as the front-end portal to drive users into the network. In turn, the network further locks the user to the cloud. . This is only related to IaaS. The lock on the PaaS level will become more serious after entering the cloud. If the user's business system uses middleware or API provided by a public cloud, it may be more difficult to get from this cloud. For small businesses, this one-stop solution is very attractive, but for large companies, locking means that they are subject to human risk in terms of price and service, and small businesses may also To develop into a large enterprise, it is also very important to prevent micro-duration.

n addition, in the second half of 2018, major public clouds frequently experienced failures, or service downtime or data loss, and even incidents that were destroyed by natural disasters. Therefore, the use of multiple public clouds, in addition to reducing the public cloud locks to users, can also play a role in spreading risk. Cloudiness is critical to the healthy development of the industry's ecology in the future and has attracted widespread attention in the industry. How to open a cloudy connection will become a key capability for the cloudy.

  Currently, all public clouds provide VPN gateways to support interconnection with enterprise branches or data centers. But it is rarely directly connected directly between the two public clouds. Considering this situation, the most common way to open up multiple public clouds is to use the enterprise data center as the Hub, which is connected to different public clouds, and the data center of the enterprise to transfer traffic between different public clouds. The user is responsible for the cloudy interconnection

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