Miracle quotes and sayings are the easiest way to improve your mood and bring positivity in your life. When you are surrounded by the quotes you will take time each day to focus on the simple things that will bring you joy and happiness.

Miracle compiles quotes, affirmations, and videos to sum up the positive content for its customers who are in need of bringing changes in their life.

Change for a dollar video by Sharon Wright is a 10 min. a short video which has a power of intent, and brings the change in each of us who watch it, to effect on the world around us every day and make us a bit more aware with the reality of life.

The video is about a homeless man who wanders through the whole day, in which he gives away the dollar in change that was dumped into his tin can. The video shows the man’s course of using the "dollar" in an efficient and moral way, this video makes the viewers understand the eye-opening opportunity of watching how lives change, based on the premise that it doesn't take much to make a difference.

Affirmations are also an amazing tool that is underrated in my opinion. When you say a positive affirmation you are sending a positive message to your unconscious mind and the universe. You are focussing your attention on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want and your unconscious mind and the universe then go towards bringing to you that thing which you are asking for.

Positive affirmations for self love actually rewire your brain to generate positive thoughts on the feeling of love more easily. Positive activities are like meditation, and when the meditation combine with love affirmations it raises the level of good feeling hormones in the body and causes the brain to form new neural networks that support positive thoughts. But affirmations alone don’t magically change the circumstances of life, you will have to put some efforts to bring them into action to your love life.

Miracle store has also put the best positive uplifting stories, which are both real and fictional, and are efficient to pull you from your slump, and make you smile and inspire you. The uplifting inspirational stories are great to read and the fantastic thing about them is that they’re straightforward and there’s always a moral to learn at the end of the story.

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