Brief Information and Selection of Handmade Paper

There are two main types of origami paper, one side with color, one side with white double-color paper, to fold two-color small works or hands-on use of this is very suitable.

Tissue paper is of better quality. Of course, the price is relatively high. The online purchases are 15cm in size and rich in color. I have not used this kind of paper folding, so I can not describe it. However, referring to the paper folding works, the thickness and toughness should be good. It can be used to fold some relatively complex small things or a good choice.

On paper selection, the paper usually selected is thin and moderately tough.

I recommend that origami players use hand rubbing paper and kraft paper. Experts can use wax paper and copy paper to their friends. This is the usual choice. Players can try other kinds of paper if they have the conditions. In particular, conditional players can also make their own paper.

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