Bottini Provides Tips to New Grill Owners


With summer getting closer by the second, Bottini knows that somewhere there is going to be someone getting a grill for the first time. Well, for those people, we have come up with some tips to help them get through their first summer. Just remember that when you are grilling, safety is the most important thing. Make sure that you read your owner’s manual for specific safety tips from your unit. These are only catch all tips that we are providing. The manufacturer’s safety recommendations will override any safety tips that you read anywhere, including any safety tips in this article.



When it comes to propane tanks, you are going to want to store them outside. The reason for this is that there is always a chance that they might leak. If they leak outside, the wind will whisk the gas away in a matter of minutes. However, if you are storing the tanks in your house it has a way of forming pockets of gas. While the gas, in and of itself, will not harm you, it can create a dangerous environment in your house. If your any unit in your house turns on and there is any spark of electricity it could explode. Additionally, if you happen to smoke in the house there is the chance that your cigarette lighter will spark the gas as well. This goes for non-smokers as well that burn candles. At any rate, it is best that you store them outside for your safety and the safety of the other people in your house or apartment complex.



Regardless of if you are actively using the tank or you are simply storing the tank until next use, make sure that you do not smoke around the tank. As we discussed above, you can ignite the gas if there is any leak that is occurring. When you are actively using the tank, there may be extra gas that is not burning properly. Smoking around the gas could have dire results to your person. It is best to be approximately ten feet away from the tank if you are wanting to have a cigarette.



It is important to check not only your tank but your system for leaks every so often. This will not grant you the ability to store them inside or smoke around them, it will simply prevent accidents from happening. When you are checking the system make sure to pay attention to any smells that happen to occur. If you smell something, make sure that you turn the system off. If it happens to be your tank, make sure to call someone to come pick it up. You don’t want to transport a leaky tank around the neighborhood.



Bottini hopes that all you new grill owners have a great experience with your grill this summer. Make sure to follow the safety tips above to ensure that you do. Safety is the key to having a great summer no matter what you are doing. However, it is especially important when using propane grills.

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