The difference high-seat orthopaedic chairs can make to provide comfort and address mobility challenges can never be overstated.
The importance of a good, comfortable orthopaedic armchair – especially for those who suffer from issues with mobility is not to be minimised. Mobility Armchairs offer a place to rest and relax, allowing muscles and joints to recover and presenting the user somewhere comfortable to enjoy watching some television or penning a crossword puzzle.
But for those who suffer from mobility, getting in and out of their armchair can be a struggle – and after a few years of constant use, the cushions can become less comfortable.
Our high seat orthopaedic chairs make sitting and standing easier
At Mobility World, we’ve introduced a fantastic range of high-seat orthopaedic chairs, which solve all the aforementioned problems. The slightly raised seat makes it easier to sit down and stand up again, and the orthopaedic cushions have been expressly designed for long-lasting comfort – just what many of our customers are looking for in an armchair.
We’ve got a range of models and different options available, with choices to suit every price range and styles to suit every interior. Browse the range today and find the high-seat orthopaedic chair that suits your needs!
High seat orthopaedic chairs
For elderly
If you or a loved one has had a hip operation or has another reason for preferring to use a high seat chair, then we have probably got the perfect chair for you.
Lounge chairs
Whether the chair is for the lounge or the bedroom, a high seat chair helps with getting up. We also have a selection that offers the electric riser feature. You can browse these here.
Recliner chairs
Everybody is unique, but some people prefer to lay back and relax in a recliner chair. It makes afternoon naps a breeze. Check out our recliner models for the ultimate in relaxation.
Riser chairs
Our high seat chairs also come in a version that makes it easier to rise up off the chair. No more struggling to stand up, just press a button and you’ll be assisted so that you can retain your independence at home.
In addition to lounge chairs, we also have high seat shower chairs and perching stools to make it easier to take a shower and be able to stand up again afterwards. You can browse these here.
For those who prefer the traditional silhouette, we offer a range of fireside and lounge chairs with the wingback design. Fit the chair to your décor and it will make a lovely addition to the room.
Our personal approach is to serve you 
With twenty-five years in the business, our team are very keen to help customers find the solutions that are right for their own needs – not just the ones that are the most popular or expensive. We’ll never use the hard-sell on our customers – we simply want to help each and every person that comes through our doors to find the mobility solutions that will enhance their quality of life.
By getting to know each customer we have, we can better understand the challenges they face and can direct them towards products that will help them overcome these challenges.
Try out our orthopaedic chairs in-store
With two fantastic showrooms in Harrow and Letchworth, we invite all of our customers to come in and try our mobility solutions before they commit to buying them. Sink into one of our delightful high-seat orthopaedic chairs and see how it supports your back and legs, as well as chatting with our friendly staff as they help you make the right decision.
If you’re unable to make it down to one of our showrooms, never fear – you can arrange for our team to bring the chair you’ve been looking at to your house, so you can try it in person!
Please note we do not sell High Seat Orthopaedic Chairs outside our home assessment area due to our ethical policy, if you sadly fall outside our home assessment area please contact your nearest branch for further assistance.

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