Best iOS Apps for Golf Course GPS

The price of golf course units of the GPS system is in higher ranges, and it is not always sound. Golf GPS applications assist the golf players to make them an ideal player. Different from the GPS devices, the golf GPS applications permit you to improve your golf skills with ease mode. These apps will display the golf map along with the position. They will recommend you to have certain distance scaling for the front, back, or middle of the green. Some of the applications have measures like scorekeeping and statistics.


Here are some thriving apps for guiding you about the golf courses along with the improvement of golf skills:

  1. Golf GPS & Scorecard App

Its developer claims it to be the SwingxSwing application which is a complete alternative solution to the precious GPS device in the market. This application is all about the account on the site of where you can make the account free of cost. This account permits you to insight the past records along with the present records. You can trail the movement around the golf course along with the graphical data and statistics analysis. It runs on more than the 35000 courses, and it is updated on a periodical basis. Its core functionality is that it has the provision of Looper kind of subscription along with the tracked capabilities.

  1. Golf GPS Range Finder Scorecard & Course Locator App

It has its demerit as it is equipped with the obsolete mapping with the blurred photos from the satellite. This application ignores this concern by having the additional maps taken from the system of Google and Apple. However, some of the developers are not the golf players themselves then they have no problem with it. And, other developers ignore the testing at the worldwide level. You can get the touch of both worlds from Apple and Google on a single platform. It is also compatible with the devices like Apple Watch that shows the analysis of statistics and graphical representation. It also performs with the four games on both the maps of Apple and Google.

  1. Golfshot App

It is the best application to have the real touch with the golf GPS, scorecards and tee time periods. It covers the details regarding the more than 40000 courses and around the 500000 holes across the globe. It is compatible with the 3-dimensional visualization effects for the whole golf course. It permits you to trace the movement of the shot along with its distance covered, the direction has gone, and the club participated. Similar to other apps, It can also work with the Apple Watch. It also supports the Healthkit and the fitness tracking system Under Armour.

  1. Hole19 AppAfter the installation of this app, you can join the community.  You can discover the new courses and trace the progress in your scorecards. You can get to identify the accurate location by using the GPS system. Its developers claim that the free variant of this application has the option of seeing the positions to green on above 95% of courses worldwide. In this application, you can converse with the members of the community and make them friends.


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