Best Art Blogs One Must Explore

Do you wish there was a full collection of artwork blogs you could use as a resource to help you become a better artist? Hours and hours of research went into discovering the top art blogs that are featured in this list of the internet. But these are art sites that are random.

Especially, this list shows

◾ Inspire your imagination and creativity

◾ Boost your skills and talent

◾ Advance and accelerate your artist career

Below... we'll provide you the inside scoop on what every art blog is all about and why it's unique. We explain kinds and the topics . Finally, to get you acquainted with every blog, we'll show you books and a few articles that you'll definitely want to explore.

Ready to find your favorite art website?

Art Blogs That Creativity And Will Inspire Your Imagination

1. Hi-Fructose

Hi-Fructose is an art blog that features new artworks that don't adhere to any particular genre or trend.

Topics include paintings, drawings, charcoals, glassworks, sculptures, different styles of prints, and much more.

Every blog post highlights one of the most recent gifts, some of which are on display at museums, exhibitions, or other places and features a different artist. You given the chance to see related art projects When you learn about the featured art of the blog post and how it was developed.

Normally, the blog articles will feature several elements of the artist's history and include one or two quotes from the artist that gives you a glimpse into their worldview and motives for creating the artwork featured in the blog.

When it's clever and original artwork you are after, you impress and will inspire.

Check out these publications from Hi-Fructose:

◾ The Evolving Paintings of Andrew Salgado

◾ The Human-Filled Clocks of Maarten Baas


BOOOOOOOM is an art blog that features independent artists' work.

Topics focus heavily on photographs and illustrations.

The majority of the blog articles put the spotlight on an artist's selected artwork. While interviews are included by a number of the posts about the artist's featured work only, some blog posts dive deeper into the artist's background so readers can see the character behind the art.

1 section of the blog is designated for showing the original art submitted and created by the BOOOOOOOM community, which gives an ever-evolving line of artwork to blog readers to feast your eyes upon.

If this is not enough to keep you browsing for hours, you can watch a great deal of captivating video artwork a special section of the blog, on BOOOOOOOM TV.

The BOOOOOOOM team does a terrific job at covering art from lesser-known and emerging artists who are completely currently oozing with talent, particularly in the art cinemas.

Check out these publications from BOOOOOOOM:

◾ Reflect by Illustrator Evan M Cohen

◾ Artist Spotlight: Lauren YS

3. is an art site that masterfully blends art, culture, and knowledge.

Topics include projects, paintings, photography, graffiti, street art, as well as installations.

The blog offers an artist work of art which is to be presented in an exhibition. Slideshow images of this artist's related work, as well as a brief interview, accompany each blog post.

The accent that the blog puts on promoting the artist's job pre-exhibition is what really makes them stand out because it provides readers the opportunity to meet up with the artist and see their artwork up close in person at a live event.

In general, is a different strain of art blog that chooses to promote inspiring new works of art and observe an artist's success.

Take a look at these books from

4. Commarts

Commarts is an art blog whose sole mission is to inspire artists and other communicators.

Blog posts highlight artists, exhibits, and book reviews. The blog also supplies interviews with artists and a collection of column bits. You can discover many interesting notes by locating them in the site's'Gallery' section.

Commarts lets you scan through a slideshow of the artist's related art projects to get the complete story on an artist's featured work. The interaction that is simple and delicate is a great touch.

Web designers will especially fall in love with the"Webpicks" section of this blog which illuminates the background, manufacturing details, challenges, and specialized features of creating beautifully designed websites handpicked by Commarts.

Their premium content represents a goldmine of curated artwork that'll spark the imagination of any artist while their free content is enjoyable enough. The premium content supplies readers with an invaluable source of exclusive content, media access to over 18,000 award-winning images and videos, as well as a monumental collection of over 21,000 artist profiles and their work.


Check out these publications from Commarts:

◾ Webpicks: Decentraland

5. Colossal

Colossal is an art blog culture, design, and that elegantly blends art to present the works of both established and emerging artists from around the world.

Topics include street art, crafts, design, animation, photography, arts, illustration, and architecture.

The Colossal blog features one special artwork before diving into the details revolving around the artist's upbringing and one of a kind education of the arts. After you learn a little bit about the artist's background, the post dives deeper into Colossal description and thoughts concerning the featured work of the artist endeavors.

There's a lot of stuff to read and see. The Colossal blog is famed for its high quality colossal-sized images of inspirational artwork and designs. They hog the spotlight in many articles, but in a way that is good.

Check out these books from Colossal:

◾ Atmospheric Collages by Art Duo'Frank Moth' Combine Elements of the Past and Future

◾ Japanese Monster Figurines Apologize To Their Destruction at Press Conference Podiums

6. Azure Magazine

Azure Magazine is an art blog with a distinct identity as it covers art affairs that are international but also specializes in reporting the art scene.

Topics include architecture and contemporary design.

Common blog posts are news stories about company brands, museums, exhibitions, and artists take advantage of art. There's also a wide collection of documented interviews with award-winning and emerging artists.

Other posts will keep you up-to-date on art events and the consequences that artists create in the North American state.

The Azure Magazine blog's best part is that is it's superbly written and always seems to find a way to unearth the most intriguing stories happening in the art world.


If you're a fan of sites that read as simple or you want to feel inspired by some of the world's most architecture designs, you've got to stop by the Azure Magazine blog.

If you have not discovered it yet it's a hidden gem.

Check out these books from Azure Magazine:

◾ 10 Buildings to Watch in 2019

◾ 30 More Essential Women in Architecture and Design

7. Design You Trust

Design You Trust is an art blog which features a mixture of artworks, many of which are derived from underground and popular news stories.

Topics include animals, architecture, technology, photography, design, and traveling.

Each post features an interesting artwork and instruct and blurb that will inspire you.

While Layout You Trust certainly hits the mark on being informative, several of the posts include a great deal of humor, also (whether intentional or not)!

They have mastered the art of making it fun to read about art Irrespective of what's new on the hourly-updated art blog by Design You Trust.

Check out these books from Design Trust:

◾ An Artist Imagines If Popular Sodas Were Cartoon Character

◾ Hippie Van Of The 1960s: Beautiful Photographs That Capture People With Their Vintage VW Buses

Art Blogs That Will Boost Your Skills And Talent

8. Artists Network

Artists Network is an art blog whose sole mission is to inspire your creative side and teach you how you can create works of art.

Topics of the blog include a wide range of art tutorials. You'll gather most of your information from videos and useful articles, as well as live art demos for advanced and beginner artists.

The Artists Network blog features also and over 700 workshops, art courses, so you can watch them at your leisure to learn something and improve upon your existing skill set. Art courses and the articles are excellent because they show you what tell you what tools to use and to do incremental. The articles include lots of movie or images to enhance your understanding. It's absolutely great.

Much of the information is classified by media (watercolors, pastels, and oil Virtosu Art Gallery just to mention a few), so it's easy for you to navigate to the information you want to know about most.

If you've got the desire to be a better artist or you have always wanted to try learning a new technique, the Artists Network blog has you covered and it's highly suggested.

Check out these books from Artists Network:

◾ Canvas Painting 101: Everything You Need to Know to Ensure Success

9. CreativeBloq

CreativeBloq is an art site which assists by keeping them up-to-date with the most recent trends, techniques, and technology associated with art their skills improve.

Topics covered include web design, typography, illustration, art, graphic design, and more.

While some art blogs focus on showing you a lot of visuals and eye candy art, CreativeBloq uses their energy to publish. The complete package.

CreativeBloq's news stories shed occasionally promote helpful products for artists to use and light on what is happening in the art business. Their easy-to-consume, step-by-step art tutorials show a great deal of new methods for artists to test (with and without using software).

All in all, the blog is an resource and is.

Check out these books from CreativeBloq:

◾ Create a Quick and Anatomically Correct Sketch

◾ 70 Amazing Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Art Blogs That Will Advance & Accelerate Your Artist Career

11. Empty Easel

Empty Easel is an art blog that is full Check out this blog post via Virtosu Art Gallery of resources and tips for artists that wish to sell art online and offline to advance their hobby or art career.

Topics include art business advice and art advice in general. The site is also a fantastic vault where you will find lots of painting tutorials and drawing courses , too. There is also an entire section if you work with art of this blog that'll teach you a bunch of Photoshop tricks.

To switch things up and keep things exciting, Empty Easel features art on their blog that is submitted by their fanbase, which gives the artist a big boost in exposure.

The strength behind Easel, however, is that artists that are successful in fact write its blog. So in case you want to learn useful and efficient artist marketing tips that tried, have been tested, and used by real artists -- Empty Easel is a reservoir of information that'll transform you into a more profitable artist.

Check out these books from Easel:

◾ Selling Art Online

12. The Working Artist

The Working Artist is an art blog read by artists that are looking to reach a breakthrough in their work and career. The entire site is authored Crista Cloutier, by art business coach.

Topics include Crista's business tips for artists, entrepreneurship, and success stories from real artists that apply Crista's words of advice and follow.

Not only do you get to learn from Crista special journey by reading The Working Artist blog -- you get to learn from lots of different artists' experiences and see how they transformed their careers to become successful artists.

The Working Artist is a significant blog if you are an artist who's struggling to make the leap from amateur to 25, to follow and you're ready to begin an art business. So can you, if Crista's done it.

Check out these publications from The Working Artist:

◾ How To Work With Art Galleries

13. Artwork Archive

Topics include information for both collectors and artists that both kinds of viewers have something learn to read, and enjoy.

The blog is home to a number of guides that are exclusive that'll help you realize how to apply for art grants, cost your artwork, preserve your art. They have other musicians how to do your taxes and a guide that'll show you. Seriously, the entire site is full of excellent and actionable tips you can try yourself out

For artists that are business-oriented, the Artwork Archive site is simply too convenient to not visit and bookmark. It's among the most complete art business.

Check out these publications from Artwork Archive:

◾ Seven Rules for Pricing Your Artwork


Displate is primarily an art marketplace online that permits independent artists to sell their original artwork as metallic prints -- but we have a powerful blog for artists.

Topics include inspirational photography gaming art in addition to interviews and success stories from independent artists who have turned their hobby into an art company.

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