Friendship is the purest bonding among people which is away from all the taboos of caste, religion, and dharma.  It is certainly the most selfless bond without any purpose, which only revolves around the true love of a friend for a friend.  This Friendship Day, let your friends know their true worth and the precious and irreplaceable place they hold in your life. Express your love and affection to them with delectable and eye-pleasing friendship cakes online and strengthen your affable bond even more.

The tastiest and yummiest cakes for Friendship Day are listed below that can surely take your buddy by surprise on this Friendship Day.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Fused with delish chocolate sauce and moist chocolate bread, this mouth-watering cake is just perfect for the die-heart lovers of chocolates.


Coffee Cake

If you have a coffee addict in your group, then this cake will become his or her all-time favorite for sure.



Cute, little, and flavorful cupcakes are just perfect for group celebrations. Call your gang to hang out on Friendship Day and indulge in the delightful celebration in the most perfect way.

Fruit Cake

In these hot summer days, chilling cake loaded with the goodness of seasonal fruits and whipped cream will make Friendship Day party more amazing.

Personalized Cake

Ditch all the fancy items and give your BFF a cake that can reflect your thoughtfulness. Personalized cakes like photo cakes or any particular themed cakes are perfect to doll up your party.

Celebrate your friendship with these delis cakes and wish all your friends a very happy and fun Friendship Day. If you are residing in Delhi or you want to send your hearty wishes to Delhi, then is there at your rescue offering cake delivery in Delhi. Relish now!!!

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