The hardness of the ore, the wear resistance of the vibration sieve to be particularly good, can meet the demand of the production. In the ore production line, generally used for screening large material bentonite manufacturing plant, which are broken again until it meets the requirements.

A small piece of material directly through the vibration sieve, filter out. Because of different ore of sieve surface abrasion degree, for the hard ore, vibration sieve screen surface replacement frequency higher than that applied to soft ore sieve. In view of the screen surface use, operation personnel should pay special attention to the screen surface of the fastening device is fastened. Daily maintenance includes sieve surface vibration sieve, sieve surface fastening situation etc..

Vibration sieve loose shall timely fastening. Vibrating screen is in use process, the operator should regularly clean the screen surface. The paint falls off site, the staff should be promptly repaired, derusting and painting; when processing the exposed surface should be coated with petroleum jelly to prevent rust. In the whole process of the work, the staff should be some attention to the above proposed.

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