Benefits to adopt sowesign

The technological innovations are in the heart of the 21st century. It is in this context that the electronic signature had obtained its probative value from the 2000s. It is more economic and easier to use than the manual signature which is energy-consuming and restrictive. The electronic signature may be used in a multitude of cases, for example the signature of a contract, the signature of documents or the validation of documents. Moreover, it is vital for companies and institutions to modernize their operating through the daily adoption of the numeric.


This evolution has enabled institutions and training centers to turn toward this solution to solve their problematic which is the attendance tracking during the training. The signature of online attendance sheet presents a huge advantage for the management of the Sign In Attendance. From now, it is possible to sign on a numeric device, to product secured online certificate, to store documents on EDM, and etc. It is in this optic which takes place the SoWeSign’s solution.

Using SoWeSign will permit gain of time and money and will allow allocation of time to more important tasks. The attendance can be managed directly through the signature on tablet. The intuitive solution permits to optimize the work tasks.

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