Bambusparkett – A sustainable alternative to wood flooring

Massivholzplatte is presented as a sustainable alternative to traditional wood flooring, also improving many of its features, such as hardness, stability or durability.

Bamboo is the raw material that is presented as the present and future solution to stop deforestation. It is an herbaceous plant that grows naturally on virtually all continents.

Its growth speed is incomparable to that of trees whose woods have traditionally been used. Some varieties are able to grow up to 90 cm per day, reaching their maximum size at 6 years, with heights of up to 25 m and diameters of 30 cm in some species.

It is also a plant species that can be considered almost invasive, since it sprouts every year without needing to be replanted, unlike trees, which also need between 30 and 60 years to reach maturity.

To this ability to provide a large amount of raw material in a sustainable way, other environmental benefits are added, given that bamboo forests are very efficient absorbing CO2, up to 30% more than many tree species, producing, in turn, more oxygen.

Bamboo, therefore, begins to prevail as Terrassendielen and as construction material, suitable for many building systems, including the finishes of walls, floors, and ceilings. Many organizations promote their use in different parts of the planet.

Great dimensional stability:

It has great dimensional stability, it does not shrink or expand easily with changes in temperature or humidity, as it usually happens in other wooden floors, with dimensional variations of the order of 50% lower than those suffered in oak floors.

This property allows its users to be compatible with spaces with high environmental humidity, allowing its disposal in wet cores or coastal buildings.

Its use outdoors is also possible, in this case being solid pallets with the pressed and heat-treated surface, thus increasing its resistance to moisture, also providing the material with a non-slip surface.

They absorb efficiently the noise:

Not only massivholzplatten kaufen absorbs noise, but they are also antiallergic, since they retain much less dust than traditional parquets, helping not to provoke allergic processes of the users, improving their quality of life.

It is wood with exceptional durability. Due to its high compactness and low water absorption, it does not usually suffer the attack of xylophages or fungal rot processes.

The aesthetics and quality of the günstig kaufen finishes are totally comparable to those of other traditional woods, creating warm and comfortable environments.

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