Introduction and necessary elements of Report Writing:

As a student of any school or University in Australia, we all have to pass through the challenge of writing a report on any topic of easy or high level. Report writing help is a formal way of writing elaborately on a given topic. It should be written with after deep analysis. The tone of the writing should always be formal. The aim of the writing is to give a glance to the audience about the topic. One can also use data, tables, charts, solid analysis to make a report. Before writing a report, one should understand about the why and who for the topic and should know the motive of the audience after giving that topic.

The arrangement of the writing should be like- a short introduction, a glance body, a solid conclusion and a brief summary. All the facts and information used in the writing should be bias-free and 100% accurate. The report should always be gone through proof-reading and fact-checking before it got submitted.

Varieties of Report Writing:

  • Long and Short Reports: A 30-page report is long report whereas a 2-page report is short report.
  • Internal and External Reports: An internal report limits within the organisation or group of people and an external report relies on distribution outside the company.
  • Vertical and Lateral Reports: If the report is for your management or for your mentees, it is vertical report. And if the report is travelling between units of the same organisation level, it is called lateral report.
  • Periodic Reports: Periodic reports are prepared on regular basis on pre-scheduled dates.
  • Formal and Informal Reports: Formal reports are reports focused deeply on the objective of the organisation. An Informal report is generally described as internal report or memorandum.
  • Informational and Analytical Reports: Informational reports contains objective information from one branch of an organisation to the other such as monthly financial reports, annual budget reports, attendance reports etc. whereas Analytical reports focus on attempts to figure out actual problem.
  • Proposal Reports: proposal reports are like an extension to the analytical/ problem solving reports.
  • Functional Reports: Functional reports include marketing reports, financial reports and a collage of other reports that supports a function.

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