Augmented Reality is coming to make our lives better

The internet users of the present time are already enjoying the advantages which were impossible to imagine before three or four decades. The future time would bring more and more interesting and exciting digital technological trends.

One of the most attractive ones is the popularity of AR (Augmented Reality). Goldman Sachs issued a report on AR and VR future which predicts that the market has the potential to have $100 billion of the market till the year 2025.

Instead of going to different applications and websites, people just have to use visual facts and this would be done with the help of headsets, smartphones and AR glasses. The following factors would tell you how it would help us to improve our daily lives:

1.Amplified tourist experience

Have you visited a historical site ever? You must have wondered how it must have looked in past times. In future, it will look completely different and similar virtual platforms also change like the physical ones.

The people who go to Britain are already enjoying AR benefits and you can also use England Historic cities application to go back into the times and check the historical events which took place there. In this way, Shakespeare’s hologram would take you in his times.

Further, there are many other ways of visiting and selecting restaurants and hotels in different cities. Restaurant owners would allow you to virtually project menus in front of people or guests or passing tourists. This would automatically provide more facilities to the public and better profit options to the restaurants and hotel owners.

2.Augmented medical practice

AR is already being used in medical treatment and purposes and in various disease diagnose. For example, medical students use AR in order to enhance their medical practices. In this way, they can be able to perform surgeries with the help of data provided to them through Augmented Reality.

This has enabled them to get more information about a patient and other whole procedure through which he has gone. So, one can learn easier and faster about the efficiency of their studies.

Not only medical students would be using AR but surgeons will also use in their work. Here you can check out how AR is improving surgeon’s ability during spine surgery.

Other than this, the new innovations in the AR field can help the patients to get recovered sooner. For example, there is a boy named Felix Reges who suffered from Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome because of which he got blind. Now head-on devices help him to augment objects around him and this improves his visual perception. 

When Augmented Reality is paired up with advancements which are brought by IoT development in healthcare, we can make expectations that patient-friendly solutions would be created with this modern technology in the near future.

3.AR in sales and marketing

The two necessary features of modern marketing are giving chance to customers to try a product and attract them with the personalized approach. The introduction of AR in this field would help the businessmen to enhance their sales and thus they would provide full satisfaction to their customers.

For example, e-commerce can be considered as the main field of modern economy and online buyers aren’t able to check the quality of a product when they shopping for products.

This is the reason due to which AR is introduced and IKEA has created an app which can be downloaded after which you can select the furniture for the streets and living rooms separately.

In a similar manner, the car industry has also started working on AR elements to fulfil their requirements. It would help the car buyers to make virtual car tours to save their time while buying a car.

Storytelling is the main part of marketing and AR would help the businessmen to create customer appealing content which would attract the customers through stories.

This way, you can be able to launch projects, holograms of your company of influencers to help your customers to go through the guidance of online store coupons and many more.

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4.Safe and Secure Driving

The drivers can be able to get advantages of using GPS and at present you will see that there are certain imperfections with the maps. So, this misguides most of the drivers due to which they take wrong routes and end up wasting time.

Sygic guys have been able to find out this issue and decided to take the help of Augmented Reality (AR) to resolve it completely. When you will be driving a car, your phone will collect and grasp all the information of the road which is available in front of you according to the input added on your smartphone camera.

This application will help you to get the visual information about the route and speed limits, gas stations and parking lots nearby. When you will be driving at night, the navigation guidelines will be on your windshield.

The car manufacturers would use AR along with other edge solutions like MyCity is a an enterprise which has finally made virtual vehicles with the autonomous vehicle building project and these can also communicate with each other.

In this way, they are able to save energy and money which can be useful for other parts of the project and car producers should follow AR as the production technology.

From the above examples, we have come to know that augmented reality is just the beginning of various inevitable things which will be done by us.

From travel to traffic and healthcare to advertising, Augmented Reality would bring a number of advantages to humans. So, reach us at FuGenX Technologies which helps in AR and its innovations in the best ways which will further help in making our lives better and comfortable in the coming years.

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