Artificial sand washing process of sand washing machine

In order to solve the amount of powder Ultrafine Mill containing artificial sand this problem , sand washing machine appeared . Modeled on the principles of river sand through sand washing machine washing powder to remove sand, mud inside , so that artificial sand sand of the Building Standards . This is a key role in sand washing machine , which can not be missing in the artificial sand production line .

Sand washing machine Used Portable Concrete Crusher can wash the dirt separating sand and debris , its novel sealing structure , adjustable overflow weir and reliable transmission to ensure the cleaning effect of dehydration , suitable for construction sites, gravel plants , railways, small particles of sand and gravel unit glass , used in hydropower and other seafood needed sorting, grading and dehydration. Compared drum type washing machine with clean stone and high energy- efficient features . Sand washing machine is arranged in the lower part of the tank to form inclined sedimentation tank , not into the sedimentation tanks head screw , screw by the motor through a reduction gear drive rotary screw from the bottom of the pool to precipitate into the wash water , thus completing the cleaning, dewatering and grading of three function.

Efficient sand washing machine unique rotor design , wear-resistant materials technology , crushing speed optimization and hydraulic design of the perfect combination. In artificial sand industry, to produce the desired product manufactured sand concrete aggregate , stone shaping the field and to obtain high -quality, grain shape, good gravel products ; efficient crusher is the most effective option . With the design and construction of sand washing machine is also getting new equipment , processing power production technology is also maturing , sand washing machine is widely used.

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