“Antarctica Arctic is too remote, as a very first walk around the East.” Antarctica and the Arctic on the world, on the East China Sea is also a bright pearl inlaid – East Pole. East from the very first island discovered photography and fishing enthusiasts, and after a well-known on the network. East Island is not only extremely strong, quaint Fisherman’s more that beautiful scenery, it is almost swept the true sense of the sun, sea, reefs, seafood. And a pleasant climate, clear water, is a rare purity of the land.

East extremely volatile throughout the year off the island, calm wins West Lake in  Agen Sbobet Hangzhou, Plains; anger fall than Qiantang tide, the great crack shore. East Pole Island are “clouds Island,” the name, each spring, summer, on top of the mist-shrouded island, while the coast is sunny, spectacular. East Fukuyama, Jun Yan leaves Hill Church Hill, talent, than Mount Tai Wai, risk nearly Yue, strange, such as Huangshan, different like Pan mound.

Both the sea and rocks east of the island a very good name, there is the beautiful legends. Xu Qin Shi Chuan rate of 3000 when the boys and girls under the East China Sea for the emperor seek immortality drug, stop to is the East Fukuyama. Past, the modern men of letters are also the leading position, for the East Sentences handed down a very left many more East very rich cultural heritage has accumulated.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that most fishermen in the East as a fishing village style of painting beautiful picture, full of modern folk painting it as the background to the sea, the fishermen of production, life as a theme, the expression means neither the plain traditional folk art moderation, are not subject to the constraints of the established norms of college, has revealed the sea to be free and innocent, innocent and lovely, poetic distinct personality, whether it is a rich subject, or the distinctive local characteristics or unique artistic expression, has its own unique fishermen art example of a brand in marine culture, folk art garden of a wonderful work.

If the Tibetan Plateau is the “Roof of the World”, then it lined the western peaks, rivers flowing in the pair climbed the “Ali”, is the roof of the world’s “roof” of the. Ali Plateau is located in the western Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the highest in cold areas, here is a deserted area. And for this reason, Ali is a mysterious plateau position, each person will enter the Ali of the United States by dumping her.

From the beginning to the Yecheng Ali, Kashi is a very beautiful scenery along the way, but the difficulties to be overcome is the largest. Elevation along the route to  http//:tunasbola.co Tibet is the highest a few, and many sections had almost no repair of the roadbed and wasteland, restaurants and accommodation along the way is very small, relatively poor conditions, the average 5 square kilometers in order to see a person, This shows how barren. However, Ali Kailash Mansarovar still attracts so many people go.

And other different routes, this route is no beautiful scenery, there is no charming style, and no flat surface, but there is the beauty of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, a mysterious valley grid Kingdom, there is a solemn Karakorum. Take possession of a new line will aftertaste life.

Forest soil, and Guge Kingdom ruins each other. Forest soil in the Zanda County, with an average elevation of 4,000 meters. Around the earth around the forest in Zanda County, abnormal sublime, a must. That level of rock landscape, the flood, erosion, gully formation of a strange, steep and straight, magnificent scene. Among them, the burr ditch most spectacular forest soil.

The famous ruins of Guge Kingdom, Zanda County, at a distance of 18 km Zarb to the village about 300 meters of mountain land, very majestic sacred. Its majestic appearance has led to many photographers obsessed with its award-winning photography. “Mountain” – Gangrenboqi is the main peaks Gangdese Mountains, altitude 6656 m, Peak pyramid-like, out in the snow in a few rows of bare rock, Zhennai gods, like a sky-level, straight to the sky. It is said that hundreds of millions of people around the world has enshrined it as the center of the world, and devotion to faith in it. Tibetan folk that: turn around the mountain life of sin can be washed off, turn one hundred laps to become a Buddha.

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