Are You Getting the Most Out of Your things to do in Karpathos?

The Second biggest island of the Dodecanese has no comparable. It holds on very much to its past in its ancient acropolis, caves, churches and even its conventional gown. The setting is remarkable in all the very best senses of the word: spectacular vistas from unblemished, cliff top and mountainside towns that levitate and a fearful hammering from the wind to keep alert supervise the Aegean. In Karpathos you'll find an island with its Greek soul intact, living traditions, people of real character, musical abilities given the generations and legendary events-- untarnished by modern fads.

Olymbos: a traditional eagle's nest

Exposed to the winds, Olymbos balances on a rough-hewn, remote ridge like a tightrope walker. Its homes spill down the slope seawards, securely bound to each other and rooted in the rock. This extreme, wild place kept pirates and marauders at bay, and it still withstands invasions by today's more serene intruders. Simply what you 'd get out of a town that has actually been defying the tides of time since the 9th century.

A colourful history of the Dodecanese

In a single glance, you can take in a wealth of concepts regarding the cultures that have had an effect here. Amongst the substantial sights and destinations are early Christian churches, ancient Vroukounta and Arkesia, the castle and the acropolis at Aperi, the Roman tank at Lefko, the beehive burial places at Karpathos town and Arkasa. And after that there are the more current structures left by the Italians, such as bridges, aqueducts, wells, windmills and the outside ovens of Olymbos. Do not miss this opportunity to travel back into the past.

Good manners and custom-mades alive and unspoiled

On this island, it's as if time has really stalled. Here you will find an authentic Greece, like something out of a bygone age. Many females still use the traditional gown, while males harvest their crops with scythes. Males and female sit separately at town celebrations, where artists play the bagpipes, lyre and lauto, crafted on the island, and sing in the style of their ancient forefathers. In northern Karpathos you'll discover even older, in some cases unusual custom-mades still practiced consistently. The celebrations have to be lived to be thought.

Emerald waters and lots of beaches

The acclaimed sandy crescent of Apella is the most stunning beach on Karpathos and a contender for among the very best in the whole Mediterranean. Emerald waters will also lure you in at Kyra Panagia, Ahata, Lefkos and Ammopi-- just the starting of a long list.

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