Raymond Mill has abounding added Mill unparalleled achievement advantages and structural characteristics, therefore, Raymond Mill is currently the a lot of broadly used, is aswell the a lot of frequently acclimated milling equipment. Raymond Mill can be activated with non-metallic minerals, cement, chemicals, construction, architecture abstracts and added fields. This commodity mainly introduces the appliance of Raymond Mill and its new progress.
Application of Raymond Mill at Home and Abroad
After about a aeon of development, Raymond Mill technology has been actual mature. Raymond Mill in adopted adhesive assembly has been broadly used, its abstruse akin has been bigger and improved, a adhesive raw actual cutting the ascendant system. At present, the world's better Raymond Mill assembly can ability 600t / h or so. Recently, the world's better Raymond Mill will be 370t / h of adhesive production, 4.7 aboveboard meters / kg of the specific apparent breadth of ​​capacity in the anchorage of Nigeria, Calabar Nigerian adhesive company's new assembly band is accepted to be completed by the end of 2015.
At the aforementioned time, China has developed a bazaar to accommodated the needs of the Raymond mill, the aboriginal better tRM6041 raw actual Raymond Mill in 2012 in Hebei Mine Adhesive Co., Ltd. auspiciously put into operation, authoritative a Mill at the aforementioned time to accommodated the 6000 -7500t / d-level assembly band needs, the activity in the architecture of wear-resistant metal blended bowl roller sets and liner, authoritative the activity of wear-resistant locations added than 1 times.

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