AOL Desktop Gold Common Problem and Solution

There are various reasons because of which the users would come across an error on a software. These issues are often displayed in the form of codes or word combination. There are several programs which are highly efficient in their functioning but still encounter certain malfunctioning. Most of the issues that the users face are because the software has not been downloaded from a trusted and dependable source. AOL Desktop Gold is one such efficient software which also experiences certain glitches and malfunctioning. This AOL Desktop Gold for Mac is highly popular all over the world for the kind of features that they provide to the users. The issues which the users face while using AOL Desktop Gold can easily be resolved using some simple troubleshooting steps. The most important aspect which the users must keep in mind is that the system caters to the basic requirements of this software. When the system fulfils all the basic requirements of the software, it will reduce the possibility of coming across a malfunction. When the users face a glitch, it would completely disrupt the functioning of the software. Hence the users must solve the issue at the earliest to be able to continue using the software. The users can also connect with the customer care team and avail their professional assistance regarding the issue which they have come across.
Some of the most common errors which the user would have to face while using this software is stated below for your reference.
  •  AOL Desktop Gold Update not working
  •  AOL Desktop Gold desktop icon went missing
  •  AOL Email malfunctions
  • The problem of not being able to print from AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL downloading error or AOL error code 104

How to troubleshoot these issues

If you wish to troubleshoot these issues, then there are certain steps which you can follow. The users must ensure that they accurately undertake each and every step in solving the malfunction. The process that needs to be followed are:
  • When the users look to solve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop, they can simply go to the system tray which located at the top-right corner of the desktop. Then they can click on the arrow and further select the option of hidden icons. Now search for the AOL Desktop Gold icon and drag it to the desktop.
  • If you wish to solve the AOL email issues, then you would have to make sure that the server and port settings are filled accurately. Then check the internet connectivity to see whether the internet is stable. Also clear all the cookies, caches and history. Further, disable the firewall settings and then update the browser.
  •  If the issue you are facing is with your password, then you would have to access the AOL page and then click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Then users have to follow all the on-screen information provided to you. Once you have cleared the verification, you can then easily set a new password.
  • To solve the update not working issue with AOL Desktop Gold, the users can easily navigate to the settings of the computer, then Windows Update and finally press ‘Install Important Updates’ option.
While downloading the software, it is important that the users only prefer using the authentic AOL Gold Software Download. This way, the users can ensure that the malfunctions stay at bay.

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