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Norton is a family of computer security products developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation. Symantec Norton is one of the most sophisticated developers of computer security software and provides complete assurance of computer security for home and workplace. It generally produces three major products to secure your computer from virus and malware attacks and these are Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360. The standard Norton Antivirus provides multiple layers of real-time protection against all types of various malicious activities generated by viruses, spyware, Trojans, and others. It constantly works hard in the deep background to get rid of the computer from all the possibilities of virus attack. On the other hand, the powerful and sophisticated web-based Norton Internet Security is meant to protect the heavy internet users who use the internet for shopping, banking, and other sensitive financial activities. It also protects your computer while you are using social networking sites. While Norton 360 is fully featured and the most comprehensive computer protection package that consists all of the general features and additional features as well to provide your computer advanced protection.


Some basic features of Norton:

Norton family of products has developed a huge user base within a short span of time and provide a completely secured internet surfing and successfully protect your computers from malicious internet activities by using signature and heuristics to identify viruses and fishing activities. Some of the basic features of Norton is given below:

  • It provides complete protection against malware, Trojans, spyware and various virus attacks.
  • It secures and protects the user privacy on all the devices you use.
  • It prevents and avoids all the unsafe websites and suspicious downloads
  • It provides shifted protection from one device to another.
  • It also provides safe access to internet for kids.
  • It helps you in tracing stolen or lost smartphones or laptops.
  • It provides effective features of schedule scan and auto scan
  • It helps you to monitor your PC health regularly.


Norton Setup and Installation: You may have purchased the Norton product from a retail store or from a third party website. In both cases, you need to create an account then add the product to complete the Norton installation process. You also have an option to get the free access for 30 days by downloading and installing Norton’s 30 days free trial pack. Norton provides complete easy access of its product and the safest environment to get the marvelous features of its products. To complete the Norton setup process you can follow the below steps.


Create a Norton Account: If you don’t have a Norton account you need to Sign up for Norton account to get the product’s features. Once you create your Norton account you can sign in and manage download and services offered by Norton. Sign up process is quite simple and all you need is an email address. Go to Norton log in page and enter your email address and your account will be created. Once your account is created, you can use Norton activation code to successfully install your Norton product on your computer.


Activating the Norton Antivirus: Norton is innovatively designed to identify and removal of all the worms, virus, Trojan and other malicious spyware or malware and protect your computer from all possible threats. It is important to install and update Norton antivirus on your PC for safe access of internet and complete protection from online malicious activities. Norton antivirus activation is a simple process and you can proceed even a beginner’s knowledge of computer and security. If you completed the sign-up process you need to find the Norton product key to complete the installation process.


How to find the Norton product key: You need to have a product key to process the installation and you can find this 25-character alpha-numeric code on the back of your retail card. This product is generally used to identify which Norton product you are using. You should keep you Norton Product key on safe places because you may need it for further possible issues.


Steps of Norton setup installation: Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number

Now you may have located you Norton Product key and you can easily go ahead for Norton setup and installation. Below are some simple steps you need to follow to complete the process. Open your browser and search or go to to initiate the process.

  • Now you need to log in with your Norton account that you have created earlier.
  • After successful log in you need to enter your 25 digit activation code in the mentioned box.
  • Now you have access to easily download Norton antivirus.
  • Now go to “My account” then you need to click on the “Services” button
  • Run the setup to start the process
  • In a few minutes, the installation will complete
  • Now restart your computer and the process is complete.


How to renew your Norton subscription?

If you have completed the Norton installation you should learn to renew your Norton subscription to continue access of Norton services. To complete the renewal process, follow these steps given below:

  • Start Norton by signing into your Norton account.
  • Open “My Norton” window
  • In the given window click “Renew”
  • Now enter your account credential correctly
  • Make the payment and your account will be renewed automatically


Norton antivirus product offers:

If you have successfully activated your Norton antivirus product you will get the benefit of these services:

  • You will be getting Norton Internet security that will protect your computer from malware and other possible attacks from the core internet malicious activities.
  • You will get benefits of Norton 360 that is an all-in-one security software providing complete security and performance measures to keep maintaining your computer.
  • Norton antivirus: it provides you the access to greater security measures with a full scan of your computer and protects you from unwanted spyware and other virus activities.
  • Norton Mobile security will be protecting your mobile against various virus threats.
  • Norton identity protection: it will be protecting your deep secure information and personal things from the possible internet frauds.


Norton antivirus is an essential software for your computer that will provide a complete assurance of security from malicious activities and ensure a complete protection against deep internet virus threats and other cyber threats. It assure you using your computer at its best and access a continuous secured internet experience on your computer.


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