Angels, Ghosts, Deities and Their Magnetic Plasma Bodies

The appearance and traits of the bodies of angels, ghosts and deities show marked similarities and suggest that they are composed of the equal substance - magnetic plasma. Magnetic plasma, except producing electromagnetic fields, is a superb conductor of strength and radiator of electromagnetic waves.

1. Emission of Light and Colorful Auras

Unlike our physical our bodies that are visible because of contemplated light; angels, ghosts, and deities emit mild because of interactions between particles of their bodies and excessive power debris inside the surroundings -- just like what happens in auroras and inside fluorescent lamps. This is why angels, ghosts and deities glow brightly in the darkish.

The air of secrecy this is radiated by those higher strength entities is generated inside the identical way that an aurora is generated. In the case of an Aurora, electrons passing via space are captured by the Earth's magnetic discipline and observe spiral or helical tracks approximately the magnetic traces of pressure and inside the technique collide with gases within the neutral atmosphere producing the aurora. Similarly, charged debris (popularly called debris of 'qi', 'prana' or 'kundalini' inside the metaphysical literature) are captured by the electromagnetic fields of our bodies of angels, ghosts and deities; which then waft down (or up) twisted magnetic (helical or spiral) lines of force into their better electricity bodies generating colorful auras as they react with the debris within the surroundings and in the diffused our bodies. Furthermore, their bodies also are 'thermochromic.' A thermochromic body produces shade adjustments in response to the warmth generated via electrical currents in the higher electricity diffused our bodies.

2. Features Associated with Magnetic Plasma

Angels, ghosts and deities additionally have functions related to the Sun. This isn't unexpected because the Sun is a large ball of magnetic plasma. Coronal auras and discharges, granulation and spicules are all functions associated with the Sun and magnetic plasma bodies. The coronal aura is even extra reported for angels and in apparitions of saints or deities. Coronal discharges and flares can occur unexpectedly on the Sun. The numerous particles which can be discharged, together with those flares, are carried by the Sun's plasma wind to motive magnetic storms on Earth. Similarly, the coronal auras of saints and deities blast-out debris which can have a harmful or high-quality impact on the observer's frame. Spicules are quick-lived phenomena, similar to growing jets of fuel that move upward and ultimate only a few minutes on the Sun. Spicules also can be seen within the coronas of angels, ghosts and deities.

Three. Balls of Light

The natural solid form of magnetic plasma our bodies is ovoid. The membrane of this ovoid can be transparent. Within the ovoid, composed of low-density magnetic plasma, a holographic thought-form can be generated. On May 13, 1917, a sudden robust wind on a calm day startled 3 peasant children out of a sport they had been gambling and that they saw across the valley an amazing globe of light, like a miniature Sun, gliding slowly closer to them. As it approached, the ball of light step by step resolved itself into a brilliantly shining young man. According to the children, they saw "a light whiter than snow inside the form of an obvious younger guy, who was extra incredible than a crystal struck by the rays of the Sun."

When inner frequencies exchange, Magnetic Plasma can end up translucent or transparent (that is a natural asset of magnetic plasma). In different words, the opacity of the bodies of angels, ghosts, and deities may be manipulated electromagnetically - allowing the bodies to apparently seem, disappear or fade away. Ghosts, angels and religious figures have often been suggested to be obvious or translucent and casting faint shadows. This betrays the fact that their bodies are composed of magnetic plasma.

Ghosts also were said to be in the form of vortices (like a moving cyclone) or vapor. All these bureaucracies are well matched with descriptions of magnetic plasma and its dynamics.

4. Passing thru Objects

Being composed of low-density plasma, ghosts can bypass via you, partitions and other ghosts. They are composed of 'collisionless plasma' - just like Earth's plasmasphere. This is likewise a feature of collisionless darkish depend. Ron Cowen says, "Evidence indicates that after rushing fragments of dark rely upon meet, they do not collide as different remember do however pass right thru each other, ghostlike." According to plasma metaphysics, plenty of darkish count number is inside the shape of a plasma of exquisite (i.E. Supersymmetric) particles and gadgets. You are not likely to 'collide' with ghosts however electromagnetic consequences may be felt if their bodies flow near or thru your personal magnetic plasma body. There can be modifications in frequencies (which correspond to adjustments in strength stages) and distributions of fees over your very own subtle magnetic plasma body.

Five. Electromagnetic Nature and Radiation of Long-Range "Radio" Waves

In encounters with ghosts, lights may fit on and rancid with none mechanical change within the function of the mild transfer. Similarly, messages might also seem on a pc display without any motion of keys at the pc keyboard. Some have even claimed that announces of diverse beings living in parallel planes had been transmitted and acquired by television. This isn't always improbable -- thinking about that ghosts have magnetic plasma our bodies which can be right radiators of electromagnetic waves, analogous to lengthy-range radio waves. When these waves are modulated by means of the thoughts of the owner, telepathy can take vicinity. The radio waves turn out to be part of the remotely-sensed electromagnetic spectrum of these bodies - much like visual, infrared, or ultraviolet emissions. This allows these entities to communicate their intellectual and emotional states to people through our better strength (magnetic plasma) bodies.

6. Appearing and Disappearing

Our bodies of these entities are usually not composed of preferred particles (i.E. Debris which might be presently recognized to Science and covered within the physicists' 'Standard Model'.) They are composed of lots of higher strength extremely good (or supersymmetric) particles and gadgets. These higher electricity particles can't be observed by means of scientists currently - using particle accelerators that can only probe lower electricity debris. Human beings or animals that use the sensory structures in their better strength our bodies can see these plasma-based totally lifestyles-forms.

Alternatively, better energy entities can 'step-down' the frequencies of the waves they radiate intermittently; deliberately or unintentionally; thereby turning into momentarily seen to individuals who are sending them via their physical-biomolecular bodies. In these cases, those frequently invisible entities composed of darkish matter end up quickly visible to maximum people. The frequency of electromagnetic waves is associated with its power. As the strength of the frame (in particular bodies within the lowest strength aircraft - that is commonly known as the 'physical-etheric' plane by metaphysicists) drops, the frame will become seen momentarily in our low strength international.

7. Changing Appearances

The mental states of angels, ghosts and deities can modify their appearances in an on the spot. A being which is depressed might seem in another way from one who's satisfied. From a darkish evil-looking appearance, an entity can be transformed into a vivid and exquisite angel in mins while the inner psychological nation modifications. Changes in mental states can change the brightness, clarity, shape, and colorations of the thermochromic our bodies of angels, ghosts and deities by effecting modifications in the electromagnetic discipline of the frame. The holographic thought-form generated in the ovoid additionally changes if any other chronic notion-form replaces the current one. Since your very own magnetic plasma frame radiates electromagnetic waves, an entity also can change its look in accordance along with your expectancies through tuning into those frequencies.


There is much proof that ghosts, angels and deities are composed of magnetic plasma. Once that is regular extra extensively, a more rigorous scientific framework may be formulated for the look at of these entities. This framework will significantly increase our information of angels, ghosts, and deities and might even permit us to speak with decrease frequency entities in the near-destiny.

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