An Investment In Lifestyle

Life is a rat race and we need to escape every so often to recharge and regain our sanity. Work allows us to go on an annual vacation for this purpose. Planning a vacation need not be another source of stress. If your family is the type who plans a holiday in advance and who wants to know the type of accommodation you’re getting, a timeshare or vacation club is something you should consider. In my case, my family goes on a yearly vacation every school break. A membership in Accor Vacation Club is a good buy because we already know that we have a place to go to on our vacation schedule. I no longer need to canvass and look for available dates in other resorts. Plus, Accor Vacation Club has a lot of wonderful vacation destinations and we already have our favorites.

What’s great with Accor Vacation Club’s destinations is they’re not hotel rooms where all you get is a bed and a bathroom. They have condominium units where there are multiple rooms, a living area, dining room and a fully-equipped kitchenette. The kitchenette is a huge deal because I love cooking — yes, even when I’m supposed to be holidaying. There are days when I cook for my family their favorites and there are also meals that we take in nearby restaurants. I can’t have the choice to cook for my brood were it not for timeshare. Oh, did I mention the multiple rooms? The condos have several bedrooms so we all sleep near to each other. In a hotel or other resorts, we’d be needing separate bedrooms and it can be a hassle.

There is a notion that vacation clubs or timeshare limits you to the type of vacation you can have. It’s not true at all. There are hundreds, even thousands, of member resorts in a vacation club in the different parts of the world. The ambiance and amenities that these resorts offer varies. For instance, there are beach resorts where you can surf and snorkel. There are also mountain resorts where you can go on a cycling or hiking tours. During winter, you can go on a skiing holiday in the resorts with ski slopes in the vicinity. If you want to go on a winery tours, there’s a resort that offers that. And, for those who enjoy the urban scene, you can have a grand time holidaying in museums, watching shows in theaters or going on a food trip in excellent eateries nearby.

So, you see, a planned vacation works great for those who already know beforehand what they want. And, it doesn’t have to be repetitive. Why should it be when you have a wide selection of destination that offers different types of amenities and attractions? We grow and our interest changes. What should be constant is we take our vacations regularly. Rewarding ourselves with a relaxing holiday must be part of our lifestyle. Vacation Clubs in an investment in lifestyle that will have a huge pay-off if you know how to use it well.

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