It is an exceptional natural place in the world, Nepal, specially known for its natural beauty. Nepal Tourism is very famous where you can see the nature of the landscape is very beautifully, peacefully and greenery place. Nepal is the land of Himalayas as well as the inland country. In Nepal, some mountains, hills, trek, jungle safari land are very attractive views for travelers. We can say that we have heaven on the earth in which the seventh heavens is by god gifted. It is one of the most popular traveling destinations as compared with other tourist places. Nepal is really a naturally gifted place that has surprised world tourism unbelievably.

Why Nepal is famous all around the world for its tourism? 

 Nepal had also been digitalized country for the last five years. Nowadays, Nepal has become a famous tourist place for all kinds of travelers. Nepal tourism is acquiring a lot of unanimously not only in Asia, but also become attained at a global range in the world. Nepal is known for its highest peak in the world. One of its most popular mountains “Mount Everest” has increased its beauty. Mount Everest attracts many climbers, some of them highly experienced Mountaineers. Every year, a lot of tourists come here to probe of electrifying country and give the green light of special at the Moment. If you want to plan for Nepal trip, it may be a very exciting and affordable trip for you. Your trip will be very interesting, pleasant and memorable for you and your whole life.


How to visit in Nepal from India?

Nepal Tour Packages from India” are the best options to make your trip memorable. There are many centers of India whose proposal of visitors for Nepal trip package like as “best of Nepal”. If you want to plan your trip to Nepal through bus, train, and by air as per your budget, Travels2nepal is a complete tour guide which can help you a lot to offer the best deals for Nepal trip. Do note the Indian citizens don’t require a ‘visa’ to enter Nepal. However, if traveling by air, they must show a valid passport for identification.

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