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AWS – Amazon Web Services is a cloud based platform which provides different types of infrastructure and software services on an on-demand basis.  A certification in AWS demonstrates one’s competency for an individual. It will enable individuals to enhance their CV, and take up roles which require AWS expertise.

Though a majority of job roles today do not explicitly rely on AWS training, this skill is increasing in demand across the globe. According to a recent study by Forbes magazine, the highest paying certification course is AWS training.

As an employer, having a majority of employees complete AWS certification, increases access to the Partner network (APN) for AWS. This comes with various subsidies and marketing support among other benefits. With a number of projects that require AWS support developing in the tech and data markets, employees need to be equipped to make proper use of these cloud services.  It inevitably helps companies deliver the best possible results on any given  project.


AWS certification can be taken up by individuals at any point in their careers. The pre-requisites vary depending on the job role, such as for a solutions architect, an AWS developer and others. A background in coding is not a mandatory requirement for cloud computing. AWS provides many API’s or even pre-designed software that can be used by non-programmers. Coding skills are an added bonus.

To learn AWS, individuals should develop a basic knowledge of operating systems, especially Linux. Cloud platforms often deal with the concepts of virtualization. Virtualization is the consolidation of many operating systems on a single hardware machine. A strong command over basic networking skills also comes in handy, as the entire AWS system can be managed over a public or private network.

AWS is a technology that can be learned from scratch, regardless of any prior exposure to the IT industry. It is a useful skill that will create more jobs in the near future.


AWS offers a flexible and scalable alternative to most of the IT service demands. Due to this technology being recent, it might be a challenge to upgrade an existing IT team with an AWS certification.  AWS offers technical support for such issues, but it could definitely add to the overall company cost.

AWS operations require a dedicated team of professionals who manage the public and private clouds, and manage the different networking operations. Amazon follows strict security guidelines to protect the data stored on this cloud platform. However, with more data being added onto the network, the risk of experiencing a data breach also increases.

Many countries are still in the process of figuring out the laws and legislations regarding cloud platforms. Organizations need to exercise care when working with sensitive data on a public cloud. Since all the services are managed by Amazon, the performance and uptime cannot be controlled. Even a small lapse in uptime could affect the website reputation and SEO ranking.  AWS is still a widely useful platform with the pros heavily outweighing the cons.


ExcelR now offers Amazon Web Services online training in Hyderabad. Their video lectures are carefully designed by experts. The classes are flexible, reliable and self-paced, with lifetime access to all the video modules offered during the course.

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