Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace that attracts the highest online sales. According to Statista, Amazon generated net sales of over USD 63.4 billion in the second quarter of 2019. The majority of Amazon revenues came from product sales.

The numbers indicate increased sales opportunities on Amazon for third-party sellers. As a result, the competition is also increasing with new sellers joining in. Data* shows that 70-80% of the users do not move to the second page of search results. It is, therefore, essential for Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings with relevant keywords and effective SEO strategies. 

Amazon Product Listings Optimisation

Multiple merchants on Amazon have similar selling propositions. It highlights the need to formulate effective marketing strategies for gaining a competitive edge with improved product visibility. Search engine optimization is an essential part of Amazon marketing strategy as it drives organic traffic with significant improvements in product visibility. Below are the steps to optimize product listings:  

Product Ratings and Reviews

Positive reviews fuel your ratings that augment your customers' trust in your brand and your product. Customers check ratings of the product before clicking on it. So, having a high rating can boost your chances of getting sales. Once the customer clicks on your product and is willing to purchase, they can go through the reviews. Reviews can influence shoppers to purchase because buyers’ first-hand experience is more valuable to them.

Benefits of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Ensure that you have followed the above practices to optimize your product listings The prime benefits of doing it are listed below:

Increased Traffic

Amazon SEO is essential to improve product visibility organically with effective keyword strategies. Once the visibility improves, you get more traffic and organic visitors, thereby increasing product sales on Amazon. 

Increased Conversion Rate

The conversion rate on Amazon is closely associated with the traffic to a specific product page. As traffic increases, the conversion rate improves significantly. A higher conversion rate ensures that your product is easily discoverable on Amazon.  

Increased Sales and Profits

Profit margin shoots up with the increase in conversion rate as sale increases. Also, if you run paid ad campaigns for optimized product listings, the cost-per-click (CPC) is low. It happens because your optimized product listing is ranking higher organically and the CPC gets lower to generate sales from ads. So, as the sale increases, you make more profit.


The optimization of product listings is essential to increase Amazon sales and revenues. Since Amazon is a competitive platform for sellers, using a well-formulated strategy can make a difference. When your product listings are optimized, Amazon’s search algorithm displays your products at a higher ranking in the relevant search query. Thus, Amazon product listing optimization is an essential marketing strategy for sellers on Amazon.

Looking to Optimize your Product Listings?

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