When the Oberon update is deployed to Albion Online later this year, players will see new PvE content in the "hidden entrance" and random dungeons.

With the update, hidden portals can be randomly generated in the game world. These entries are no longer marked on the map, so you can't determine where they are fixed and can only remain active for a certain period. Five people can enter this random dungeon and start a thrilling adventure. Of course, you can also form multiple groups, each of which can find different dungeons according to Buy Albion Silver your procedures.

“These dungeons are made on the program based on several parameters that affect the type of mob and corridor layout, and then to the boss and the spoils,” wrote the new developer diary.

However, it is necessary for players to pass these dungeons in front of hidden entrances, including enemies that may create fascinating PvP power for some slow-moving players.

While Oberon will randomly generate dungeons for five players, the master plan is to add several types of enemies to Albion Online Silver For Sale smaller groups and give them experience and rewards, including solo players.

Read the entire article on the Albion Online website.

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