Alaquainc Offer affordable Crystallization of types.

Alaquainc offer the frequently process on the heating pipe of heat exchanger crystallizing. Crystallization are a motion process in which the cool from pan dropping temperature. Differ from one another in the method by this case Super saturation in the swirling liquid near the surface and Produced by evaporation of the solvent. Which result in deposit on swirling suspended crystals? Super saturation is generating by evaporation.

Cooling crystallization from solution or the Evaporative

The processes is Alternative methods of cooling that not require a heat exchanger are flash cooling which involves  crystallizer evaporation of the solvent or direct cooling via insertion of a cold gas or with increasing stability of temperature. Crystallization of the liquid is cooled to a temperature below the equilibrium solubility.

 In a cooling crystallization process the feed is cooled in a heat exchanger, but the heat exchanger can also be integrated in the crystallizer in the form of cooled tubes or plates. From the cooling needs to be done carefully to prevent nucleation on the cold surface of the heat exchanger, which will lead to encrustation. The lowest temperature in the system is at the surface of the heat exchanger. Basically measures to prevent this unwanted phenomenon is to reduce the temperature difference between the coolant and the Crystallizers cooling  solution, to increase the liquid velocity along the surface of the heat  level out the temperature difference over the length of the heat exchanger or to use a scraper to keep the surface of the heat exchanger free of solids.

In which implement that cooling the saturated solution will not result in a significant amount of crystals mention that evaporative crystallization is usually the preferred method when the amount of dissolved product decreases with less energy level. In the case of compounds with a low solubility the standard option is reactive crystallization/precipitation.

Evaporative Crystallization

The evaporation heat that has been added is in principle captured in the vapor stream. The Crystallizers evaporative are used industry to achieve solid-liquid separation. The crystallization evaporation of the solvent is resulting from the certain moment the concentration of impurities will become so high that they can influence the crystallization and/or the product purity. So that is process creates a vapor and a suspension of crystals in mother liquor. In this principle of energy can be recovered, but the energy will be available on a lower. This is possible to residual amount of product by recycling the mother liquor to the feed. If that is the case, mother liquor will still contain the equilibrium concentration of product.

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