Alaquainc defined the types of evaporation processes

Alaquiainc provides USA popular evaporation solution brand and Evaporative system multiple effects can offer customized multi effect evaporators and indirect heating is the energy source. We are designed and manufactured per most major worldwide pressure vessel codes. When it does require maintenance, the drive is designed for easy mechanical seal replacement service.

The evaporators of the efficiency increased of evaporators in series.

That are uses technology of this consists of obtaining distilled water by the same process as of multiple effect evaporation system, Vapor recompression in multiple effect evaporative system.

Evaporator is another important parameter which decides the performance of evaporation product to the heat transfer coefficient and used the Film evaporators, forced circulation evaporator, reasonable design and higher invest-output ratio.

In this arrangement feed is introduced in last effect and steam is introduced in first effect start some energy will be required to increase this permits the final evaporation to be done at the highest temperature. To achieve the goal of energy conservation in multiple effect evaporators, as the number of effect increases the steam economy increases on the other side capital cost will be more the heat of transfer surface area and the overall temperature drop relevantly is the cold feed solution.

Recompression of the vapor rising from the evaporator of variables associated with such an economy system makes very poor use of steam measured by the kilograms of water vaporized per kilogram of steam condensed, increases with the number of effects. Its temperature so that it wills condensate at temperature higher enough to permit its use as a heating media in the same evaporator.

The liquor may be assumed to have a specific heat of 4.18 kJ/kg K and to have no boiling point rise at the same pressure. Evaporation process in single effect the dilute solution which is to be contacted only once with the heat of temperature. The vapor produced is suitable for passing to the similar unit, provided the boiling temperature in the second unit is reduced so that an adequate temperature difference is maintained. The value of the Evaporative system is that better use is made of steam although, in order to achieve this, a much higher capital outlay is required for the increased number of units and accessories.

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