Alaquainc has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of vacuum crystallizers for different types of industry, each with its particularities. We are specialists in Crystallizers Oslo for the treatment of effluents with a high pollutant load and the concentration of raw materials. Our equipment allows a high percentage of clean water to be poured or reused, and a minimum solid concentrate to be sent to the manager or used as a raw material to recover or by-product. Crystallizers

cooling is a good option if you bet on the zero discharge. This technology is especially suitable for high salinity effluents.

We have a high quality waste water treatment system, sewage treatment system, and Crystallizers evaporative system. The company is located petrochemical research, development, production team for many years engaged in the production of chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises. Here not only the domestic testing, production, equipment manufacturing, a group of well-known scientific research petrochemical equipment, advanced manufacturing elite exceptional technical units, there are a number of years in machinery and equipment production management team and technical workers. The company will be committed to oil, chemical research, and development and manufacturing equipment.

Industrial production companies such as meat, pharmaceutical or dairy, to name a few sectors, use large amounts of water. These waters are unfortunately polluted and are not suitable for any process. An issue that generates high costs in purchases of constant drinking water to continue producing. Currently, hundreds of companies have chosen to install an industrial Crystallizers vacuum evaporator inside their enclosures because they have to treat large volumes of effluents.

A Cristallizer works with efficient methods of high technology, always in order to purify industrial effluents. Through it, all those contaminating particles are effectively separated from the water. It is an ideal technology to be implemented by companies that want a zero discharge policy. After the evaporation process, the results are extremely effective, since 95% of distilled water is obtained and ready to be reused. Only 5% is rejected by the process.

We follow the customer first based on reputation, quality assurance the principle of dedication to new and old customer service and contribute to the cause of petrochemical industry.

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