Aircon Sustainability – Correlation Between Saving Energy and the Environment

Air conditioners have become a household item nowadays. In the summer season, no one can even imagine living without them. However, these air conditioners are having a major impact on our environment. They are slowly and gradually destroying the ozone layer and are contributing to our planet’s biggest problem today, global warming. The refrigerants used in our air conditioners are threatening the environment and the power they consume is resulting in carbon emissions that we are completely unaware of. Thus, it is high time that we start thinking about AC sustainability and look for ways to save energy without having to remove air conditioners from our homes. Here are some steps through which this can be achieved. SEO Company Australia

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Using Energy Efficient ACs

It is no secret that air conditioner consume a lot of power. Much of this power isn’t even utilized properly. However, there are now energy efficient AC models available in the market. These air conditioners are capable of providing the same cooling to you without consuming high amounts of energy. If we start using energy efficient ACs, we can dramatically decrease our carbon emissions and save our environment. The less power we consume, the less power we will need for our homes. This will bring about a decrease in the power generation needs and thus reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for producing energy, which is responsible for carbon emissions. SEO Agency Sydney

Smart Use of Air Conditioners

Unchecked and constant use of air conditioners is another habit of ours that needs to go if we are to move towards AC sustainability. In most homes and factories, the need for air conditioning is so much that the ACs are used 24/7 without ever being turned off. This leads to higher carbon emissions and also results in wastage of power too. By designing homes and commercial buildings that conserve energy, we can ensure that there isn’t a constant need for air conditioning. Moreover, installing features in air conditioners like programmable thermostats can help us in using the ACs smartly and ensuring that they are only used when needed. 

Replacing Environment Damaging Refrigerants

Another step towards AC sustainability is replacing environment damaging refrigerants like hydrofluorocarbons with environment-friendly refrigerants. Studies have shown that this step can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is equivalent toaround 90 billion tonnes of Carbon-di-oxide by the year 2050.

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