There are many kinds of equipment in mineral processing equipment, and the crusher is a one of the most core, main feature of this device is used for material crushing. In general, aggregate production line working environment is very bad, the basic composition of the equipment needs and strengthen the optimization with some basic, at the same time, the operation of all personnel must understand the basic knowledge of maintenance, so that it can guarantee the stability and efficiency of the equipment production. 
Aggregete production line prices or not, then the jaw plate design and maintenance matters needing attention are what?  900-1200 aggregete production line foundation installation diagram shows, the working chamber is mainly composed of a movable jaw and the fixed jaw form, usually the work cavity need to withstand enormous crushing force, at the same time constantly experiencing the friction material, the long run is prone to wear all kinds of.
Therefore, in order to protect the jaw plate, usually in the fixed jaw, lining board Hubei surface mounting of some of the more high-quality wear-resisting, also is we often hear aggregete production line plate, thus strengthening the jaw plate strength. aggregete production line crusher plate surface is always designed into a tooth, but also to ensure that the tooth peak angle is maintained at 90 DEG to 120, size is mainly composed of basic property of material and the fragmentation degree to decide.

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