Living in North London is fun until you are face to face with a plumbing issue. I recently had to call in a plumber for my plumbing needs. The guy was a chatty fellow and we had quite an informative chat while he worked on my kitchen plumbing.As a homeowner, I was already aware of the importance of water pressure. It means the difference between a good shower and a frustrating shower! However, I wasn’t aware of what could affect the water pressure and how I can try and fix it. My North London plumber explained to me that water pressure is the force of the water that’s traveling through pipes along with other pointers that I’m going to share with you today.

What Affects Water Pressure

Water pressure is usually measured in bars and one bar is needed for every 10 meters of height. plumbers in north London usually tackle the low water pressure on a routine basis. Especially in the high rise flats and apartments or places where a larger force is required for water to travel up and be readily available when you open the shower. Water pressure varies throughout the day according to the usage. In the morning, you’re more likely to find that water pressure is low because a large number of North Londoners are getting ready for their day!

Old Plumbing Systems

The old plumbing systems in North London have pipes with a smaller diameter. These pipes are only good enough to provide water to one tap at a time. So, when you connect multiple taps to the same pipe or attach appliances; the water pressure drops. When this is happening, the first appliance or tap that is turned on gets the most of water while the remaining suffer. The best solution is to hire a plumber to install pipes that have a large diameter.

Appliances That Need Water

Low water pressure affects washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances that rely on water. Qualified plumbers in North London know that usually, 1 bar of water pressure is the required minimum water pressure for households. When the water pressure drops below this, the appliances can be affected. As a user, you should make sure that your appliances are set to operate at the lowest possible water pressure to avoid damages during water pressure fluctuation.

Stopcocks Can Adjust Water Pressure

Local North London plumbers love talking about closing or opening the stopcock, stop tap or stop valve. This area of your internal plumbing regulates the water pressure from mains. If they are not open enough, the flow from mains is restricted and water pressure drops. They can either be located outside your home or inside. Usually, they are located on the ground floor and can be found under the kitchen’s sink. If you think the water pressure is too low, you might want to check the stop valve and see if opening it can improve the water pressure.

Leaking Pipes

Leaks are a major contributor to causing low water pressure, however, they aren’t always obvious right away. You can check for leaks by using your auditory senses; try listening for a hissing sound from the suspected pipe or you can check for damp patches. If you think you have a leak or have identified one; call the emergency plumber services in North London to get it fixed in a proper manner. Professional plumbers come equipped with the right tools and equipment for the job and have extensive experience in plumbing systems.So, next time you experience low water pressure; take advantage of these insightful tips and be sure to regularly maintain your plumbing systems.
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