Advantages and disadvantages of the heat pump

From the energy point of view, the process at the base of the Pentair Dynamo Pump is advantageous because from 1 kWh of electricity up to 5 KWh of thermal energy is produced; the energy that is obtained is, therefore, higher than that which is used. The fact remains that installing a heat pump is not easy and involves a series of aspects that require a case by case assessment.

High-efficiency heat pumps as well as low enthalpy geothermal plants, as well as heat pump water heaters for the production of sanitary hot water,  risked being excluded from the 65% tax bonus for the energy requalification of buildings, with the justification that they are already supported by the Thermal Energy Account.

What is a heat pump?

Pentair Variable Speed Pump is a machine that produces thermal energy by exploiting external sources, such as air, water or soil. The energy produced can be used to heat, cool and to produce hot water. One speaks of a geothermal plant, the most widespread among heat pump applications when the heat exchange source is the ground.

How does a geothermal system work?

At 80-100 meters deep in the subsoil the soil temperature is constant at around 14 C and this allows to extract heat in the winter and to yield in the summer. The transmission medium is the circuit where the fluid that absorbs energy passes from a first exchanger and yields it to a second, after passing by a compressor (electric) which adds further energy. By reversing the direction of the heat exchanger cycle, operation in both heating and cooling is possible.


The first advantage of Pentair Whisperflo Pump is undoubtedly the energy efficiency, which as mentioned is high. This makes the geothermal heat pump economically convenient even with a higher cost of gas than electricity. The economic benefits of the heat pump are greater the more expensive and energy-consuming the systems to be replaced (those with fossil fuels such as diesel and LPG for example).

The installation of a Pentair Aboveground Pool Pump usually pays off. The advantages are greater than the disadvantages and are certainly an 'eco' choice, but it must depend on a thorough technical assessment of all the aspects involved: the potential of the system, replacements with other technologies, installation of a second meter that allows you to take advantage of a dedicated electricity tariff.


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