Those who take pride in their collection of various kinds of artwork always take the guidance of an art dealer. You may be fascinated by a work of sculpture created by Tessa Campbell Fraser but don’t know where to get one. Your art dealer steps in here.

Where to get your piece of Art

To acquire the best art work you can visit a gallery. The art galleries may be a contemporary or a vanity gallery.

  • A contemporary art gallery is one which the general public can visit without a charge. They function by taking a certain percentage of the sales proceedings or may charge the artists a flat rate per day. There can be solo shows or curate shows with a theme. They also sometimes choose to showcase work by exclusive artists like Jennifer Newman.
  • An artist run gallery works like an artist cooperative with a democratic mission. With a board of directors at its helm of affairs to select and curate shows.
  • A vanity gallery showcases work of artists in exchange of a fee. They often include as many artists as possible.

Now you have to decide what exactly you want and whether you are personally going to meet an art dealer or visit one of the galleries to acquire your work of art.

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