Prismatic batteries are used as power banks for electrical vehicles in various electrical and automotive sectors. Government bodies in various countries are focusing on supporting the R&D activities for advanced batteries through the Department of Energy (DOE). According to United States Department of Energy, the U.S. government is providing around US$ 2 billion worth grants to accelerate the manufacturing and development of the next generation prismatic batteries in the automotive sector (power banks and laptops) and electrical vehicles. Prismatic batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications such as stationary to mobile, consumer to industrial, and can be optimized to provide high energy and high power.

The major factor restraining growth of the market is substitution of products such as pouch cell battery, button battery and cylindrical battery. The energy density (energy/volume) of a new LiFePO4 battery is somewhat lower than that of a new lithium cobalt oxide battery (14% reduction in energy density). Furthermore, Lithium ion batteries have low discharge rate compared with lead-acid batteries or cobalt oxide batteries.

The market for environment friendly vehicles (hybrids, plug in hybrids, electrical vehicles) are increasing in Asia Pacific region. The government of India has plan to make major shifts to electrical vehicle due to vehicle population and domestic manufacturing capabilities by 2030. Under Union Budget 2017-18, the Government of India has announced plans to support & increase the manufacturing of hybrid & electric cars & Faster Adoption of Manufacturing of Electric & Hybrid vehicles by giving US$27.25 million as compared US$19.15 in 2016. Indian car manufacturer like Reva electrical car company (RECC) and app based companies like Ola are working on making electrical car.

North America is estimated to hold the largest market for prismatic LiFePO4 battery in 2018 and is expected to retain its position throughout the forecast period. The rising demand for prismatic batteries is increasing in the automotive and electrical industries in North America. For example, Tesla electric car marker delivered around 26,000 vehicles which includes the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model x and recently introduced Tesla Model 3—in 2017.

The prismatic LiFePO4 battery use in energy storage has the highest growth rate in overall market due to increasing adoption for energy storage technologies. The batteries are used as an energy source in large electric and hybrid vehicles like buses, delivery vans, heavy industrial machines and ships.

Major players are incorporating various strategies such as joint ventures and capacity expansions to achieve market growth. Being the leader in Lithium Ion Battery Business in India, Semyung India fulfill the needs of Li-Ion Battery R&D organizations, Research Institutes & Manufacturers. Semyung India is committed to introduce new technology solutions of Li-ion Battery Pack Systems with the strategic partnership of Samsung SDI for various existing applications that are using Lead Acid Batteries. In 2018, Panasonic Corporation commenced operations of new 5-GWh plant in Dalian for the development of prismatic batteries exhibiting high safety and capacity for applications in the automotive sector, distributing them to markets in North America and China.

The global prismatic LiFePO4 battery market is characterized by high presence of players. Some of the major players operating in the prismatic LiFePO4 battery market are Panasonic Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, HYB Battery Co., Ltd., Contemporary Amperex technology (CATL), and LG Chemical Ltd. Students headed back to school not only want a bag that can handle their laptops, textbooks, accessories, and other everyday carry items, but also something that is going to make a statement about their fashion sense. Whether you're looking to spend big or small, we've rounded up the best bags for heading back to another semester in style.

“There was also a financial debt owed by Mr. Robinson to the defendant,” the judge said.The friend allegedly pulled a gun, Smith said. Steele retrieved his own gun and began firing at the pair, who ran for the door. He kept firing, striking both of them as they fled.A witness reported that Robinson screamed “Stop, stop, stop, stop” as the shots continued.Robinson was shot in the back and died at a hospital, while his friend suffered an arm wound. No charges were filed against the friend.

Steele’s attorney said his client fired in self-defense, but the judge responded that continued firing as the pair were running away from Steele was not justified.Dorothy Robinson, the victim’s mother, addressed the court and spoke of the gap left in her family by the loss of one of her three children.“I know that my son wasn’t perfect … no children are. We took a great loss. I want (Steele) to realize that he hurt our family a lot.“Even though I have two other children, our house is still empty,’ Robinson said. “I feel like something is missing. I’m sad that this had to happen and I feel like nobody won. It’s a loss all the way around.”

A younger son sat at her side as she addressed the court. Smith offered words of support and encouragement to the child.“I hope you can carry on. Be strong and be the young man your mother wants you to be,” Smith said. “She needs you to be strong, but she needs you to be good, too. Because she can’t take any more losses like this.”

Prosecutors accused Steele and his mother, Shasta Steele, 42, who was in the home when the shooting occurred, of doing nothing to help Robinson, who was found in their front yard. Instead, the pair hid evidence before police arrived.The gun was found on the roof of the house and investigators also recovered about a pound of pot and $2,000 in cash.Shasta Steel is charged with endangering an injured victim, and obstruction for failing to help Robinson and for hiding evidence. She was granted admission to the pre-trial intervention program in a brief hearing that followed her son’s sentencing.

When given the chance to speak prior to his sentencing, Marcel Steele expressed remorse.“Sincerely, my condolences do go out to Mrs. Robinson and her family,” he said, looking directly at the victim’s mother.He also apologized to his own family and expressed regret “for bringing my mother into this situation.”“I didn’t mean for any of this to happen,” he said.Smith described several character reference letters he received on Steele’s behalf.“You’re not the person standing before me that is in these letters,” the judge said. “These tell of a bright, caring, smart, world-ahead-of-him, young man with so much potential. And yet you injected into your life drugs and a gun.”

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