Account Manager Vs Sales Manager: What Is The Difference?

In an organization, both account and sales managers work closely to meet their respective goals. Due to the resemblance in their goals and work many people often get confused between account and sales manager. Although, there are few similarities between them it doesn’t mean both are same that will be wrong. The situation is even worse with the students who want to pursue their career in the accountancy. They must understand the difference between the account manager and sales manager and where do they need to hire account management assignment help. In the below article, we are going to describe the difference between an account and the sales manager.

What is an Account Manager?

The account manager is the client facing position that involves building a strong strategic relationship with the potential customers to reach the maximum satisfaction level. They solely focus on developing business and growing accounts.

What is a Sales Manager?

As many of us are aware of the role of the sales manager but still it is important to mention it here. The sales manager is basically responsible for finding new clients and selling them products to meet the target sales. In other words, sales manager converts visitors into potential customers. 

Pre-Sales and Post Sales

From the above definitions, you can say that the sales team is responsible for bringing the new clients into the business. The sales leads they brought are fully transactional. Once a sales prospect turns into a customer, they hand over the ownership to the account management team. From there the account management team look after the customers and as mentioned earlier try to build a strong relationship with them in order to grow their business.

So, you can say that the sales manager bring the customers while account manager keeps them by preventive them to go to the competition by establishing a strong relationship.

Short term vs long term profits

In the sales, the short-term profit is involved like if you close the deal you will instantly get paid but in the account management, situations are not the same as it involves long-term profits. They can spend months even years with a hope to extend, renew and upgrade contract. This means you will not receive a pay-out right away.

Do their Roles ever Combined

You should understand that both sales and account management are two different things but not all the company hire separate teams. It basically depends on the size and need of an organization whether they need to hire separate teams for sales and account management or not. So, you can say that these two roles could be combined as one. Even if you have a sales team who is looking after the account management, it is important to learn about the skills that require to perform both roles efficiently.

Skills You will Require as a Sales Manager

There are always particular skills that are required by a specific role or job as goals differ from one company to another. So, here are some skills you require to become a sales representative:

  • Prospecting
  • Developing rapport
  • Influencing
  • Questioning

You can always hire Account management assignment writing help to further explain these points in your assignments or case studies.

Skills You will Require as an Account Manager

Just like a sales representative there is also a set of skills one should possess to fulfil the job of account manager.

  • Prioritization
  • Relationship building
  • Long-term thinking

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