Adhesives is any substance capable of holding two surfaces together by chemical or mechanical interfacial forces, or by combinations thereof. The term structural adhesive refers to formulations where the principal component is a thermoset polymeric resin, for example, epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylates and phenolic. Structural adhesives are rated by their shear strength, or the holding power of an overlapped joint, divided by the bond area. Adhesives for industrial application need the best and excellent quality of adhesives for business purpose requirements.
The adhesive and sealants market is primarily boosted by the emerging economies, technological advancement, and increased usage of adhesives and sealants to seal and protect materials in an environmentally friendly manner. Packaging, automotive, construction and furniture industries are the major drivers of the adhesive and sealant industry. It includes common household activity like screw fixation to avoid self-loosening and sticking out broken products.

  • There are myriad of applications for adhesives in the construction activities, such as carpet lament, ceramic tiles, concrete, flooring underlayment, pre-finished panels and roofing.
  • It is also used in decorating, building, making fixtures and repairs at home.

Advantages of Adhesives:

  • Eliminates corrosion when associated with metals.
  • Avoid any damage to the structure of the material.
  • It has an ability to fill large gaps and provides protection in applications like circuit board housing, wire harnesses and cable connections, battery cells and more.
  • It helps in providing a protective seal; most adhesives also provide the benefit of a seal. Adhesives offer a two-for-one solution; they hold the assembly together like a nut and bolt, and their complete coverage also acts as a seal, like a gasket.
  • Sometimes products have to look good as well as work properly. Adhesives can help improve the aesthetic of a product.
  • Does not produce any deformation in the materials by eliminating metal grinding process.
  • Flexibility in the product design as well as improvement in its aesthetics.
  • Retain the flexibility of the material compared to other methods.
  • Easier binding method compared to other traditional methods like welding.
  • It serves its purpose in each small product around us. It includes sealing the pipes or other items that require sealing.

Bin Dasmal General Trading is part of Bin Dasmal Group in UAE and deals in adhesives and sealant technologies. Sealants for Industrial Application Suppliers in UAE supplies cost-effective and environment-friendly sealants for industrial applications which are used to seal assemblies and joints, and have sufficient adhesion to the substrates and resistance to environmental conditions to remain bonded over the required life of the assembly.

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