The A6100 WiFi USB Mini Adapter remotely associates your scratch pad or work station to an 11ac system for applications, for example, slack free video spilling all through your home, on the web gaming, and secure and dependable Internet associations. Moreover, Beamforming+ innovation helps the speed, unwavering quality, and scope of WiFi associations. The smaller than expected connector consequently utilizes NETGEAR Beamforming+ innovation to improve WiFi execution with 802.11ac WiFi gadgets. Since it's programmed, you don't have to turn on Beamforming+ or design it. When you associate with the WiFi arrange, Beamforming+ centers around your area for shockingly better WiFi execution and speed. Beamforming+ locks onto your PC, tablet, or cell phone and pursues as you move all around, so you keep your ideal WiFi association


Set Up the Mini Adapter


Before you start utilizing your scaled down connector, set up the smaller than expected connector utilizing the asset CD that came in the bundle.


 To set up your smaller than normal connector:


  • Addition the asset CD in your PC CD drive
  • Note: If your PC does not have a CD drive, or in the event that you don't have your asset CD, download the asset CD driver by visiting net, Snap the Support for Home Products button and enter A6100 in the hunt field.


  • On the off chance when you are in the set up and the NETGEAR Resource CD screen does not show, peruse the records on the CD and double tap Autorun.exe.


  • The Software Update Check screen shows


  • Introduce the arrangement programming.


  • Pick a choice dependent on whether you are associated with the Internet


  • Connected to the Internet. On the off chance that you are associated with the Internet, click the Check for Update in mywifiext. After the product checks for programming refreshes, the Update Check Complete screen shows. Snap the Continue catch. The Welcome screen shows


Not Connected to the Internet


 In the event that you are not associated with the Internet, click the Introduce from CD catch.  If you are not associated with the Internet, the product can't check for programming refreshes. Snap the radio catch to acknowledge the permit understanding and snap the Next catch. A message presentations requesting that you pause while the product is introduced. After a couple minutes, NETGEAR genie prompts you to embed your smaller than expected connector Supplement the smaller than usual connector into a USB port on your PC. The NETGEAR genie symbol likewise shows in the Windows framework attempt and on the work area.


The shade of the symbol demonstrates the quality of your remote association:


  • White. 3–5 bars (solid association)


  • Yellow. 1–2 bars (feeble association)


  • Red. 0 (zero) bars (no association)


Note: If you expel your little connector, and you are in mywifiext set up but NETGEAR genie isn't accessible, and the symbol isn't shown. When you embed the smaller than usual connector once more, the symbol returns.


(Discretionary) In NETGEAR genie, from the Select Language drop-down menu, select a language. NETGEAR genie screens are shown in the language that you select.


Before you join a system, you can view subtleties to enable you to figure out which system to join:


Network name (SSID), the name allotted to a remote system. As a security measure, some remote passages don't communicate their SSIDs. In such cases, the system is covered up. The name (SSID) field is clear despite the fact that the remainder of the data is shown. The channel on which the remote system works. NETGEAR prescribes that you pick a system that uses an alternate channel from that of neighboring systems. The remote innovation utilized for the switch or passage, for example, N, A, G, B, or AC. Distinguishes whether the switch or passage for this system bolsters The one of a kind equipment address of the remote gadget broadcasting this data. Ordinarily, the remote gadget is a remote switch or passageway.


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