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A lot of new people in order to reflect their own personality, and choose a wedding in the evening, such not only can avoid the peak period of marriage, and wedding banquet price is more favorable, so what are the precautions for evening wedding day? If you want to get married in the evening, come and learn.


1, wedding night, the most important thing is to light, in this respect the couple must check the wedding venue of lighting equipment and make sure they have standby power, had better hire a professional lighting engineers, to be able to make a beautiful light atmosphere.


2, because there is no natural light at night, so the camera and take pictures will have some difficulty, couples choose the best photographers and cameraman is high level, late for the wedding photography requires experience, so choose a photographer can detailed description and points must be taken before.


3, if the evening wedding the couple chose decorated with candles as props, you should prepare enough number of candles, and ensure that the candle burning the longer the better, not smell the fragrance of the better, had better want no smell, lest affect the appetite of the guests, and should be prepared to fire, so as to avoid accidents.


4. When the wedding is held in the evening, the couple must know the weather in advance and confirm the weather on the wedding day about a week in advance. If the forecast says there will be rain and rain on the wedding day, the couple should be prepared for the second hand, just in case.


5. If it's a non-weekend wedding, the couple should consider the guests' transportation and remind them in advance to avoid the rush hour so as not to delay the start of the wedding.


6, after all, the light is not good during the day, the couple a wedding evening makeup should be more strong than during the day, but don't too heavy make-up, lest give a person the sense of fear, it is good to moderate.


7, and the choice of dress, the new people can pay more attention to sense or pearl sequined dress, the dress is suit to attend the evening party, couple remember don't leave the party too late, so as not to affect the guests on the second day of work.

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