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“How a kiss is so intoxicated, but only a diamond is the best friend of a woman.” – Marilyn – Monroe in the film “married millionaire” in the bright light singing this is loud One, Nicole – Kidman in the movie “Moulin Rouge” in the replica Hermes jewelry wonderful interpretation of this is also a sentence! Perhaps, in this world, even love will succumb to the diamonds bright light.
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The best memories of diamonds
Diamonds, was the conqueror of the torch and tyrant bleak candlestick, was also a lover’s eyes and love warm heart. On the legend of diamonds, intertwined with different religious mythology, the ancient scientific speculation, Amoy diamond legend and businessmen fabricated. Every story about the diamond legend is like a diamond exudes a seductive light.
The name of the diamond
Diamond – Diamond, comes from the Greek adams, meaning “no conquest”. At that time, the word refers to the iron as hard as the metal, and then refers to the hardness is much greater than the iron sapphire. As people continue to understand the diamond, diamond has become a diamond noun.
The birth of diamonds
Ancient Greeks believe that diamonds are falling to the earth on the stars debris, that diamonds are gods dripping Cheap Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings tears; also was once that diamonds are from Tianshui or days exposed. In Sanskrit, the word diamond is the meaning of lightning, in order to express the diamond by the lightning and the faith. In addition, the ancients also believe that diamonds, like humans, will multiply small diamonds, even the famous scientist Boyle (R.Boyle) also believe that this argument, and several years after the miners to return to the old mining area can still be taken as a diamond Confirm this view.
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Diamond guardian
In the story of “Arabian Nights”, Sinbad has arrived in a beautiful lush island, where he found the diamonds everywhere, but also into the surrounded by a python. Later, Xin Bada use vultures blooddess characteristics, wrapped himself in the meat, the bald eagle out of the diamond valley.
In Greece, the same story of the legend of the diamond valley, the same is by the python guardian, but the difference is that the mortal eyes as long as the pagoda will die in its eyes. Only witty people, in order to get rid of their guardian access to diamonds. Alexander fought India in 350 BC, witheredly ordered the soldiers to use the mirror to reflect the snake’s eyes to the snake, the snake killed the wisdom of the diamond. Diamond rare and precious, and thus visible.
The magic of diamonds
At the end of the Middle Ages, diamonds were given an infinite power by religion. According to ancient books, the great priest Aaron’s breastplate and the cornerstone of the new Jerusalem is due to the diamond with a divine power. Legend, under the Cheap Trinity de Cartier Bracelet protection of this divine power, can make people competitive victory, gain strength, courage, power, wealth, eternal life, youth forever, a dream come true. Therefore, in the ancient Rome battlefield, soldiers often wear diamonds to increase the courage and strength.
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The medical effect of diamonds
On the eve of the Renaissance, the church believed that as long as the diamond in the hands of a “ten” word, will be able to cure the disease. The church also believes that diamonds have the power to clarify the mind, liars or bad words, as long as the diamonds in the mouth, they can cure their minds on the flaws.
A long history of diamonds forever
The vicissitudes of the century, the millennium reincarnation, the world of all things off, but the diamond forever. From 3000 years ago after the first diamond, diamond eternal beauty and endless mystery, has been deeply seduced the world, it is desirable, the pursuit, and even worship. Thus, the blend of Western romantic affection and the meaning of the East legend, in the reincarnation and precipitation, the diamond will have life.
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But in the history of diamonds, the real move is not that it is bright and beautiful but from those or warm or sad emotional story. Was today, the women of those arrogant diamonds love, is still carries the expectations of love, mixed with more or less vanity.
Remember the Cheap Amulette de Cartier Necklace “Ocean Heart” in the Titanic? Rose wrinkled it, re-“back” the old time, when the love is gone, youth no longer, as if only sinking breath of diamonds in order to make unforgettable past to get eternal life.
The following are the same as the ”
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Elizabeth – Taylor, the irons of jewelry, even age can not hinder her enthusiasm for diamonds. In her life in eight marriages, the most wonderful number and the actor Richard – Burton’s masters of love. Two people in the co-starring “Egyptian Yan” in the heart, although the man is a woman husband, but the thunder of love or let them break through all the final come together. More fascinating is Burton gave Tyler’s affair – “Taylor – Burton Diamond”. This was worth $ 1.1 million, weighing about 70 carats of pear-shaped giant diamond debut, the world uproar, became the 60’s Hollywood’s most dramatic legend. Today, “Elizabeth – Taylor’s style has Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring long been with the years of change is no longer invincible, but talking about those who still bright diamonds, she will still smile said:” their eternity so that I can never forget those I Experienced the good times, when I once brought these radiant sweetheart, the face of wrinkles and skin relaxation can not use fear to defeat my confidence. ”
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Perhaps every woman has a dream, like “jewels” in the Audrey Hepburn, the girl who likes cartier jewelry, that wealth can be happy. But this dream is easy to burst, but fortunately there is a simple wake up when you love her.

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