A Jump of a Lifetime with SuperFlight in Miami

Miami in Florida is the most popular spot to be visited when it comes to enjoying holidays. Some people prefer to explore the beach, art deco, museum and gardens, zoo, theme or national park, and others prefer Extreme Sports in Miami such as sightseeing, air sports, water sports, go-karting, skydiving and more. But these days, more adventurous men and women in Miami want to try a spot of skydiving which provides an ultimate freefall jumping experience approximate 10 feet above the ground.

Miami is one such place in Florida that offers high-attitude jumps so that tourists can delight in the energizing air in Miami. Miami’s fine weather and clear skies have made it a perfect location for skydiving. So, why not visit SuperFlight in Miami to enjoy flying at its peak and make your trip to Miami a memorable one for a lifetime. Skydiving in Miami with us is perfect for nervous newbies too who really want to enjoy the sensation of flying, but have no previous flying experience. We provide a unique flying experience in a safe environment of a wind-tunnel. Our wind tunnel generates over 120 MPH wind so that user can enjoy flying like a bird without the help of an airplane. Once you will take an experience of flying, you’ll definitely fall in love with the sensation that comes with floating in the air. Millions of people over the world have experienced the floating power in a safe environment. Are you ready?

Who can fly?

From children to seniors, everybody can enjoy flying, just for fun or to start bodyflight as a new exciting sport. All our flight activities are powered by AERODIUM, which is a world trusted brand with flights done in events for Red Bull, NFL Draft, Superman Returns, Mercedes Benz, Guinness World Records, and more.

Is it safe?

Our facility is completely designed with safety in mind. Our jump masters are highly qualified and trained for all safety measures, who will be with you all the time to help you jump without any fear in a safe environment and ensure you will have the best experience.

What one should wear?

One should be dressed in an outfit which is comfortable and easy to wear such as athletic trouser, without collar t-shirt, comfortable shorts, and flat shoes.

So, leave the pre-flight fear and trust the experts of SuperFlight for a great jump for life!

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