A Guide To Precious And Semi-precious Stones

With the internet reaching out to the common masses, buying online is becoming a matter of a mere click. More people are tempted to try out other options such as buy natural gemstones online. Hence, it is important to read out about the gemstones before you plan to buy one. A gemstone is a piece of mineral which is cut and polished to be used in and as ornaments.


Jewelry is something women are fond of. Because of their natural beauty, choosing the right gemstone can tremendously change your world. But the world of gemstones at a similar time is daunting as well. There is so much information that you must know, so you end up with the real piece. Gemstones no doubt, are one of the most beautiful things that Earth has given to us.

Out of all the precious gemstones, the most treasured is Ruby. It is popularly called, “the king of all gems” for some specific reasons. The vibrant red color of Ruby is a sign of love and compassion. Ruby is the birthstone of July, which means people who are born in July should use ruby for good luck. Ruby belongs to the corundum family of stones. The color of the ruby comes from the amount of chromium present in it. It is rarely available precious stone and hence is very costly.

Natural Sapphire is one of the two varieties of the corundum family of stones. The blue is the best-known sapphire color but sapphires also occur in gray, black, yellow, and even colorless. A pinkish-orange sapphire called, ‘padparadscha’ is a delicate variety of sapphire originally found in Sri Lanka.

A significant number of natural sapphires are found in Eastern Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, East Africa, China, and North America. The two variants of corundum are found in similar geographical settings mostly. The cost of a natural sapphire depends on the cut, clarity, color, size, etc.

Semi precious gemstones are beyond 130, though there is a few which are commonly used such as topaz, turquoise, agate, jade, coral, tanzanite, and alexandrite, among others. Some gems are regarded as semi precious stones but they are equally expensive like ruby and sapphires. The beauty of blue semi precious stones lies in their rich history and their ability to combine with the precious and other semi-precious stones to create a beautiful multicolored piece. You can find certified semi precious stones for sale for astrological as well as healing purposes online at an affordable and reasonable price.

With the increasing number of people buying things on the internet, buying gemstones at a discounted price is a great deal. You can find a variety of high-quality and genuine gemstones for sale online today.

There are different varieties of natural and synthetic emerald gemstones available today, having distinctive character and properties. All these precious and semi-precious stones possess unique beauty and significance. In fact, many stones are brought and used to bring special powers and fortune to the one who wears them.

You can buy a variety of natural gemstones for sale as well as lab-created but real gemstones for sale from GemsNGems. We offer a variety of genuine gemstones including well-known favorites such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and topaz.

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