A complete synopsis on Digital Marketing

As the name suggests, whenever marketing is done by digital means it is referred to as digital marketing. Digital marketing is a very broad topic and has several spectrums under it. Starting from pop-up ads on the internet to Google Adsense, every such thing falls under the category of digital marketing.

History of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing has been there for almost 4 decades now. Following is a brief timeline on the world of digital marketing:

  • 1990: The term ‘Digital Marketing' was coined and "Archie" the first search engine was launched.
  • 1993: The first clickable, interactive web banner was launched.
  • 1994: The launch of the "Yahoo!", which revolutionized the internet.
  • 1997: The launch of the first social media site – "sixDegrees.com".
  • 1998: The birth of "GOOGLE" and Microsoft launched "MSN".
  • 2001: Universal Music conducted the first mobile marketing campaign ever witnessed.
  • 2002: Launch of "LinkedIn".
  • 2004: The launch of "Gmail" and Facebook introduces "Facebook live".
  • 2005: Launch of "YouTube".
  • 2010: Launch of "WhatsApp".

These above technological developments paved the way for the current generation of Digital Marketing.

Spectrums of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a very broad topic and covers a lot of content. It has 10 specific ways or "faces" as called by some experts. These "faces" of digital marketing are-

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO refers to the ranking of a given website in search engine results. Better the rank means higher traffic and thus higher sales through marketing. Thus SEO plays an important role in digital marketing.
  2. Content Marketing – The creation and promotion of actual content through Blog Posts, Ebooks and Infographics is what Content Marketing entails.
  • Social Media Marketing – The practice of promoting quality content for a business through a social media site like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is called Social Media Marketing.
  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) – This practice generally counts the number of clicks on a particular web Ad, advertised on a social media site and pays accordingly.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – This refers to the promotion of one's articles and goods through a website like YouTube or social media and from which one can earn a commission.
  3. Native Advertising – This particular type of advertisement refers to display of ads related to the parent service in the same media. This is mostly non-paid stuff. Eg – advertisements of Facebook on Facebook.
  • Marketing Automation – This is the most developed type of marketing where advertisements and brochures are sent by the software that needs no human interaction.
  • Email Marketing – Blog subscriptions, follow-up emails, holiday promotions, etc. are a few types of marketing schemes followed through emails.
  1. Online PR – This refers to the use of customer sympathy to guide them to a certain product and compel them to buy it.
  2. Inbound Marketing – A complete package generally followed to lure, attract and compel customers to buy a certain product. Video marketing is the most used way to attract customers using inbound marketing.

As already discussed, Digital marketing is a huge playground and there are several teams to play from.

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