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The Mazafati dates are picked up late in the summer and is black, shiny, thin and clean. Mazafati dates are some of the delicious varieties of date on the planet. The Bam metropolis in Iran has the best Mazafati dates and wholesale dates suppliers.

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Shahani dates, though cultivated in numerous cities of Iran, the mainland cultivating this date ought to be Fars province. Shahani date is wealthy in minerals, iron, and magnesium, and is coronary heart pacemaker and regulator of coronary heart fee in conventional drugs. Contrary to the creativeness of some dairy users, the Shahani date does Piarom Dates not have excessive levels of cholesterol and regulate blood levels of cholesterol. It has lots of iron and may be very helpful for folks with anemia. In addition, it is also useful for the abdomen and digestive system because of its excessive fiber content material.

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Tehran Times, July 9, 2014. Retrieved July Zahidi Dates 12, 2014. Cracks Start to Show in Iran's Economy as U.S.

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It’s not known as to when and how the fruit migrated to India, but at present, it can be found in virtually each residence across the country, particularly during the festive season. As per the historians, dates have been part of our tradition since 4000 BC.


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Due to its low moisture content material, Piarom dates are shielded from souring, worm, fermentation and stay wholesome until the age of 18 months. You can store it within the fridge for six months. The Sunexport Company, as the Iran dates Dates Suppliers company, uses the best-refrigerated carriers to distribute Persian dates corresponding to Piarom dates with all the required inner and international requirements permitted by all nations of the world. Piarom dates are one of many many types of Persian dates that have many followers in the world. Iran exports the primary-class high quality, distinctive taste, long-lasting look, and long-lasting urge for food to many international locations around the world.


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We are recognized for making the most effective dry dates within the common market worth sensible. Available in cheap value, our dry dates and meals & drinks products are prepared in germany. alfa food gmbh can ship highest quality dry fruits & nuts and various other germany food & beverages products, as they are a famous wholesaler.

Therefore, the market for the commercial consumption of these dates merchandise are expanding. Piarom Date Green Diamond Dates or Maryami Date is another sort of Iranian semi-dried Date.

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