7 Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone XR & XS

Apple’s iPhone XS and XR are one of the greatest  iPhones in the market. They come with an outstanding display and best in class design. Not to forget the Face ID feature that has changed how we use the device. As these phones are new in the market, you can learn various new tricks available inside them. On that note, let’s have a look at the best new features and controls these phones provide.


1. Restart controls

Both the iPhone XR  and XS come without the home button. And many of the functions related to the home button are changed now. For force restarting your  iPhone XR and XS, you have  to hit the Volume Up button before instantly releasing it; press the Volume Down button and immediately release it; then hold while pressing its Side button.

2. Face ID controls

There is no role of your fingers when it comes unlocking iPhone XR & XS as Face ID is there. You have to check the phone to open it and even can purchase something from the Apple  App store along with doing a lot more things with the Face ID. Go to Settings, then Face ID and Passcode to control where you want to use Face ID feature and where not.

3. One-handed keyboard use

The large screen of iPhone XR & XS makes it complicated for people with smaller hand size. To resolve the typing issue, Apple offers a one-handed keyboard. You can access it easily by tapping the option for emoji keyboard and selecting either right- or left-handed keyword.

4. Way to Force Quit Apps

As there is an absence of Home button, you might be thinking about how you can force quit running apps? Well, you can do it easily by sliding up and holding the home button present on the bottom of the screen. When all tabs appear, swipe up the apps that you wish to close.

5. Taking Screenshot With iPhone XR & XS

 If you want to take a screenshot of any screen in the iPhone XR & XS, you need to hold the Volume Up and the Side button at the same time. You are destined to hear a camera shutter sound when you do so. Also, you will see the thumbnail of taken screenshot right after giving the command. Editing the screenshot is pretty simple as well. Click on the thumbnail appeared after taking a screenshot or go to the Photos app to open the screenshot. Find the editing tools over there and crop or mark up your taken screenshot.

6. Way to bring the Home button back

It is clear that you can’t get back the actual Home button available on the earlier device. However, there is a method to replicate the Home button through settings. Visit General, then Accessibility, then Assistive Touch to turn on the digital Home button.

7. Way to trigger SOS on iPhone XR & XS

SOS mode lets you call the emergency services quickly on the iPhone. If you desire to trigger SOS in your iPhone XR & XS, do it by holding the Side button for a while and then Volume button for around six seconds. Also, by pressing the Side button continuously for five times, you can succeed in triggering SOS. Make the most out of your Apple device by implementing these useful tips and tricks!

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