Nowadays the web design of an Electronic Commerce site is one of the most common tasks carried out by designers. However, there are some steps that must be followed and elements that should not be omitted when carrying out projects to sell products or services online shopify analysis tools.

It is not enough to create an ecommerce and wait for sales to arrive on their own. There are different elements to take into account to be successful in electronic commerce.


Tips to improve your eCommerce

A consumer looks for a product, looks for it, orders it, pays for it and is sent to the door of his house. In an ideal world, this is how an ecommerce website should work. It is necessary to create a design that makes this transaction as simple as possible.

If your website makes consumers feel that the process is slow and complicated, if you are required to fill out a form, place the order and only then make the sales order, you will not be very happy. It is better to simplify the process to the maximum, so that each user can make the purchase with the least number of clicks possible.


2- Quality of the images

What do you see when you enter an ecommerce web page? 9 or 10 people have the same question - the images. When people visit a physical store, they have the products right in front of them. That is not the case of ecommerce. The low quality of the images is the worst thing that an ecommerce can have. It simply annihilates the conversion.


3- Simple search

Casual visitors review different categories and sub-categories of an ecommerce website. But those are not the users that habitually enter your web page looking for specific products.

Not only limit the search options in the home of your web page. Make sure that the search bar is on each internal page. The search option will significantly increase sales opportunities.


4- Availability of details

A visitor can know every detail about a product in a physical store by asking the manager. But that possibility is not available in an ecommerce. To ensure success in your ecommerce, you need to put all the details you can in each product.

Even if the product requires it, add details such as size, color, manufacturing, and also make sure you answer all the questions.


5- Payment convenience

What do you do if an online store does not allow you to pay in the way you prefer? Many buyers simply go to another page to buy the product.

To make sure you're not losing a sale for a reason like this, offer different types of payment methods. PayPal, credit and debit cards, cash on delivery, e-checks and any other option that improves the chances of retaining and satisfying more consumers.


6- Optimize the shopping cart

If a user wants to go back and forth each time they want to make a change to the shopping cart, this probably interferes with their experience. Opt for a shopping cart that minimizes the inconvenience to buyers.

A good shopping cart allows the visitor to add, change or delete items quickly and easily. Also, let users save the items already in the shopping cart while searching for others.


7- Extra sales opportunities

A small change in the page of a product can achieve great results in an ecommerce web page. Adding some recommendations on the product will help to have better chances of selling them.

How do you do it? Well, imagine that users visit your website looking for a cocktail dress. You could place with what to combine that cocktail dress, etc. It will attract the attention of buyers and increase sales as well.


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