7 reasons why therapy might be the best option for you

Despair, heartache and addiction – these are the typical times when people often seek therapy in order to cope with these problems.  Because of this, there is a misconception that only people suffering from these types of adversities need therapy.  However, the benefits and value of therapy go beyond times of catastrophe. Therapy is not just meant combat problems or depression, it is also meant for people to attain better happiness, to become a better person and attain a better life. Here are instances when therapy might be an option for you.

Joblessness. Having no work or having difficulty finding work sometimes go beyond having the qualification to find a job.  Joblessness can emanate from being lost of not knowing what one really wants to do in life particularly what career you want to follow. Following your passion and sojourning from chasing money is easier said than done when you have a family to rise, when bills are piling up and you are on a brink of bankruptcy.

Suspicious. If you are very untrusting, overprotective of one or feel like people are always going to hurt you or make deceive you, then you might need therapy. Getting suspicious is normal but getting paranoid for imagined dangers and things can stifle and restrain you from living your life fully.

Bad health. One’s physical health is directly related with one’s psychological well-being. Most people who are in bad shape suffer from some psychological or mental depression in the same way that people who have psychological issues usually are engaged in bad habits such as substance abuse, alcoholism, inactivity and overeating among others.

Relationship and No relationships. As social animals, people naturally seek for companionship and a sense of belonging, whether from a group or an individual person. You usually need therapy when your relationships with the people around you e.g. your special someone, your family, friends, work colleagues or neighbors are getting sour and affecting your life. Similarly, if you lack relationships and feel alone and lonely, you may need therapy to cope and learn to accept a vocation of being single or be able to improve oneself in order to better handle successful relationships.

Overpowering emotions. There are things in life where people can’t get over certain emotions thereby affecting the conduct of one’s life. For instance, the grief or heartache from the death of loved one, a relationship break up, anger emanating from a disappointment, as well as fear from a traumatic experience like domestic abuse, rape, etc. i.e. (Phobia) In most instances, people feel emotions and cannot identify them.  This in turn can result to regrettable choices that further burry a person deep into these emotions.  

Indifference. Emotions are bad when they overpower you to the extent that you get controlled by it. It is also bad if you find yourself lacking emotions and you just don’t care.  The lack of emotions is one major ingredient for becoming a psychopath and sociopath. The lack of conscience and remorse is not normal especially when committing actions that can offend or harm other people or society.

Purpose and meaning in life. There is the story of a man who had everything in life, a great paying job, successful career, loving wife, happy and adoring family and children. But in spite of this, he decided to jump of a building and kill himself.  Some people are lost and may not feel really happy inside. Therapy can help you explore yourself deeper to understand your life and find your niche in life. 


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