The gums are an integral part of the mouth that is often overlooked. They are a part of the oral anatomy that serve to protect the bone and the teeth. They can demonstrate the earliest symptoms of poor oral health.

The healthy gums look resilient and pink while the red, sore and swollen gums may be a sign of periodontal ailment or gum ailment. Research has revealed the fact that about 50 percent people over the age of 30 years have some form of gum ailment.

Identifying the causes of gum disease is the best way to handle the bleeding gums. Once you have done so, here are some ways in which the bleeding gums can be healed and prevented from bleeding. Have a look.

  • Practise Good Oral Hygiene -Bleeding gums can signify poor oral hygiene. When there is a build-up of plaque along the gum line, the gums can get inflamed. And if you don’t brush or floss enough then the bacteria can cause gum ailment or tooth decay. For improving the oral hygiene, you should floss once and brush at least twice daily. For the pregnant women, the good oral hygiene is especially important. This is because the hormone fluctuations that happen during pregnancy can trigger the gum ailment and bleeding gums.

  • Eat Well – The tartar and the plaque arrive as a result of lingering food particles on the teeth and the gums. You can take care of that by removing the plaque with the help of proper oral hygiene. Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C and calcium and reducing the sugar intake can assist in strengthening the teeth and enhance the environment of the mouth. The snacks like the nuts, sugar-free yoghurt and the leafy greens can offer essential teeth and bone building minerals and vitamins.

  • Stop Smoking – Apart from increasing the risks of heart ailment, lung cancer and stroke, smoking is also linked with gum ailment. In fact, smoking is a major cause of severe gum ailment. It lowers your immune system and makes it hard for the body to fight off the plaque bacteria. This can eventually lead to gum disease. Quitting to smoke can assist you to heal your gums and prevent gum bleeding. You should consult with your doctor regarding this.

  • Drink Plenty of Water – Water is not only beneficial for your overall health, but it is also great for your oral health. You can flush out the harmful bacteria out of the mouth by drinking water. It is also recommended to switch from the sodas and fruit juices to water. Once you enhance the intake of H2O, your gums are likely to see a quick improvement. So, go for it today.

  • Apply Cold Compress – The bleeding gums are not always a result of gum disease. The gums can also start bleeding from an injury or trauma to the gum tissue. A cold compress applied to the line of the gums can reduce the swelling and restrict the flow of blood to stop the bleeding. You can apply a cold cloth or an ice-pack to the gums many times a day at an interval of 20 minutes to heal your gums.

  • Decrease Your Stress Level – Research has brought forth the fact that there is a link between emotional stress and periodontal disease. The emotional stress affects the immune system negatively. This results in the weakening of the defences of the body where it is unable to fight a gum infection. However, more research is required to understand the amount of stress level that can trigger the onset of the ailment. People can also start to neglect their oral health because of enhanced stress. This can also contribute to the accumulation of plaque.

If your gums still keep on bleeding even after all the above measures you must consult with your dentist who can suggest you effective bleeding gum treatment so that you can heal your gums and prevent the recurrence of gum bleeding.

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