Busy server issue causes severe trouble in PUBG. As PUBG is one of the most famous battle royale games, gamers from all over the world are crazy about it. So, you are not alone who is encountering the server busy issue. If you’re getting “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message, try these fixes.


Fix 1: Try the ‘Reconnect’ button.

Undoubtedly, you’ve pressed the “Reconnect’ button when the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message displays on your screen. Sometimes, pressing the ‘Reconnect’ button works and connects you to the server. If you haven’t tried this, then restart the game and see if the server busy error message appears or not. When “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message displays again, press the ‘Reconnect’ button several times.

Fix 2: Restart your internet

If the ‘Reconnect’ button doesn’t connect you to the server, then check your internet connection. Turn off the internet of your device and then turn back it on. After reconnecting the internet, start the game if it is not. Now, when the error message prompts, touch the ‘Reconnect’ button. Most of the time this trick will work. If still, you’re getting the same error message, try using next solutions.

Fix 3: Reset your modem

Server busy problem mostly happens when the internet connection or strength is not good. Maybe you see the error because of a poor connection. Resetting the modem will rectify the issue if the weak connection is the reason behind. Turn off your modem and turn back it on by pressing the ‘Power’ button. This will fix the connection issue as well as your PUBG’s busy server problem.

Fix 4: Disable Proxy settings in Windows 10

If you’re playing the PUBG on a device with Windows 10, then proxy settings can be the reason for creating the issue. Try turning off proxy settings in your Windows 10. If you’re not using the Windows 10, then skip this solution and check the next one.

1.    Open the ‘Windows Search’ tool by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left corner of the desktop.

2.    Type in ‘Proxy’ into the field. You’ll see several results under the best match.

3.    Find and press ‘Enter’ on the “Change proxy settings” option. This opens the proxy settings window on your screen.

4.    Click and turn off the switch of ‘Automatically detect settings.’ This option is under the Automatic proxy setup.

5.    Now, look under the Manual proxy setup and turn off the switch of ‘Use a proxy server.’

You’ve done it! Now, restart the PUBG and wait for it to connect with the servers.

Fix 5: Deactivate Firewall

Firewall program could be preventing your game from connecting to the servers. You can try deactivating the firewall on your computer. Check the below steps for disabling the firewall on your operating system.

To deactivate Windows Firewall on Windows 10:

1.    Open the ‘Control Panel.’

2.    Then go to ‘System and Security.’

3.    Click on the ‘Windows Defender Firewall.’

4.    Now, click on ‘Turn Windows firewall on or off’ option in the left-hand side menu.

5.    Select ‘Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)’ option in both Public network settings and private network settings.

6.    After that, click ‘OK.’

To deactivate firewall on a Mac:

1.    Enter into the ‘System Preferences.’

2.    Then open ‘Security & Privacy’.

3.    Open the ‘Firewall’ tab in the Security & Privacy window.

4.    Click the ‘Turn Off Firewall’ button near the upper left side of the screen.

The firewall has been disabled in your computer, now launch the PUBG and wait for it to connect to the servers.

One of these solutions will surely fix busy servers issue in PUBG. If still, you’re getting the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” message, then wait for an update or check your Antivirus or VPN settings.

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