5 Ways Elite Escort Agencies Recruit Escorts

How do an elite escorts agency in London recruit their beautiful girls? We asked Haute Girls London agency and these are the top 5 ways they do it:

1. Word of mouth recruitment

If an escorts agency in London has gained a good reputation for their escort girls and services, then the word will spread about them. They would be perceived as the agency with the best girls, the best clients and top pay. Who wouldn't want to be part of their crew? When an escort girl finds some success with an agency she will recommend it to her friends who are looking for an agency to represent them. They will say that this agency treats the girls well, ask for low commissions and sends them good clients. Through word of mouth, a girl will contact the reputable escorts agency and find work.

2. Clients will refer girls to them

A less common way is when clients are so impressed with an escorts agency, he will refer girls to them. Again, this rests on the agency's reputation so to recruit the best girls they will actually have to be good.

3. Through advertising

Escort agencies looking for new talent will advertise on directories or adult guides. In London, the most common places to advertise are Saafe Forum, the Adult Guide to London, London Escort Guide. Advertising is getting the word out there that the agency is looking for new girls. Unfortunately, the downside of this is that girls feel the agency may be desperate for girls and question why girls are not approaching the agency by themselves.

4. Through escort SEO

When an escort agency is ranking well in Google search page results, girls assume that they are getting good traffic converting to clients, or they have more money to invest in marketing. So girls will actually apply to escort agencies that have good visibility on the Google search engines. Then all the girls looking for work needs to do is to fill in a casting form with their telephone number, professional photos and statistics.

5. Through freestyle recruitment

This is a very old school way of recruiting escort girls and we are not sure how many agencies approach recruitment this way. Elite escort agencies looking for the most attractive girls may liaise with a modeling agency, approach girls in hotel bars or strip clubs. The agency scouts are looking for girls with the right appearance and potential to impress their clients. The tricky thing is, many girls are not looking to be escorts so the agency has to make sure that she is open to the idea of escorting first.

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