5 Reasons why having a multifunction printer in the office

As we said in a previous post, in which we gave some tips to choose the perfect multifunction printer, multifunction printers are the perfect equivalent to off-road cars in the world of printers, as they differ by incorporating several technologies in a single apparatus, being the most frequent the printing, the scanner, the copier and the fax banner printing nyc.


Due to this great advantage, these printers are one of the most demanded, however, they are not the perfect option for anyone. However, all the features that we have to list, leave no doubt that it is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized office environments.


Advantages of a multifunction

  1. Centralize the work.

By integrating all the functions we need, it will not be necessary to depend on external services or the purchase of other equipment such as copiers or scanners.


  1. They save energy.

Imagine working with a printer, a copier and a fax, the three individual computers. In this case the energy expenditure would be much higher than if we only use one that incorporates the other two. In addition, management and administration costs will also be lower.


  1. They occupy less space.

As in the case of energy, the space of a single team will be less than if we have to have several. This makes the multifunction printer perfect for small offices that require a wide variety of printing services.


  1. They gain in comfort.

Having more functions in the same device will not only save time, but it will also be much more comfortable, especially if we count on the fact that today it is normal to be able to print at any time from anywhere thanks to WiFi technology.


  1. They have a competitive price.

In the case of not requiring a special printer, or a plotter, the multifunction printers suppose a saving of costs, especially if we compare it with having to acquire the different devices whose services already we have them in this one.

These teams win in many ways, for example, space, energy consumption, comfort or price, however, it is also important to know if it meets the needs of the company and what are its biggest disadvantages.

In the case of being sure that we are only going to need to print in a long period of time, maybe it is more appropriate to be done with a normal printer, but if on the contrary we need other functions of fax, scanner or copy, the most successful will be buy a multifunction

If at first we buy a normal printer without taking into account this aspect, after a few months we will have to complement it by buying other equipment. This would not only mean new investments and expenses, but also we will not have adequately amortized the initial investment.


Disadvantages of a multifunction printer

  1. Breakdowns have greater impact. Since we depend on a single team for many functions, if it breaks down, it can affect our work rhythm to a greater extent. Remember that at Eogsa, Canon's official distributor in Granada; we have a technical service at the service of all our customers.
  1. It supposes a major initial investment, since normally its price is something superior to the one of a standard printer of ink or laser.

  2. 3. Breakdowns can be more expensive, something understandable if one takes into account the greater complexity of this equipment.

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